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108 Footprints: a project for Asian elephants


It was in November 2016… touched in the heart by elephants from GaneshaPark in Thailand, a couple from Belgium and committed volunteers united to create a big solidary event: 108 footprints on Mother Earth for the evolutive Consciousness and future generations (108 Empreintes sur la Terre-Mère au service de la Conscience évolutive et des générations futures).

Their goal? To make happen what could become the biggest evolutive motion on the web as well as in every francophone village for the Harmony and Unity of living reigns. And to contribute to improving the existence of millions of beings:

  • By touching their hearts and souls,
  • By suggesting the opening of consciousness ,
  • By creating contributory actions, individuals or collectives.

An ambitious bet supported by the energy of the Elephant people and serving an evolutive cause: BAAN WASSANNA. A project which goals are to contribute to the transformation of the domesticated elephant situation in Asia and initiate a new alliance between humans, animals and nature in the East and Occident.

To have an « Elephant heart » is to be in a universal solidarity (with humans, animals and nature)… In this state of mind, a lesson from the Elephant people is that too often we forget what brings us together.

This is the purpose of “108 footprints”, to reanimate what brings us together, stimulate and give it a new breath with several animations:

  • The walk for UNITY and its 12 games « Elephant heart » based on ecology, education, natural health and the new alliance human/animal, economy… each participant will be invited to initiate small solidary changes in their everyday life.
  • The EVOLUTIVE meetings and their 108 enlightening conferences, testimonies of inspiring lives, liberating exercises at the end of a day full of stimulating meetings.
  • The ROOTING walk : a new solidarity is born…

The time to take evolutive action in your everyday life has come. During 108 days, the birth of individual or collective contributory projects will be facilitated by the implementation of tools for group dynamics and project management.

Because together we can go further… join us for this big event and share it with joy around yourself !


From February 9th to May 20th: 12 games “Elephant hearts”
From May 14th to 28th: 108 evolutive meetings
From May 29th to September 13th : 108 accompaniment days

Discover more on the website https://108empreintes.org, sign up (very simple) and follow this lovely initiative!



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