A hope for pangolins ? Let’s act together

In a previous article, we introduce pangolins, a threatened species for which CITES held in Johannesburg from September 24th to October 5th prohibited the trade. Where are we with these measures?

A new hope for pangolins ?


David Brossard

On November 17th 2016, during the international conference in Hanoi (Vietnam), Prince William declared and once again stating his commitment to fight illegal trade of wild animals. This statement also warned once again the public opinion about the threat of extinguishment of this mammal.

It is difficult to control pangolins poaching, which is the most traded species in the world: this easy target is popular on the Chinese and Vietnamese market for the meat and its alleged medical virtues. Independent organizations such as Save Vietnam’s Wildlife assumes the reinstatement of the animal through conservation programs but are worried that released pangolins are poached again.

Even though more and more actions are established to protect this species, it remains greatly threatened and it is more important than ever to fight for its protection by committing to associations or by keeping informed to rally.

Act for the pangolin

Even though we are numerous to be powerless from our home we can still support and participate at our level:


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