Actions to stop killing sharks in the Reunion island


In the Island of Reunion, there has been implemented a huge “security” fishing concerning the shark after attacks that had happened in this area. Nevertheless, this policy does not take into account various scientific factors about this topic and the essential needs related to the presence of sharks within the sea ecosystem. To hunt or to kill a species in large numbers will never be a good policy and a lot of countries did understand that. After all, French authorities have currently enacted this policy in the context of the “Shark Crisis”.

There are no positive impacts when we tackle an issue in this way and there is a denial of the importance of the balance of nature. We are protesting against this policy and we encourage everybody to do the same by sharing and signing the petition created by the association Sea Shepherd:

You can also write a letter to the Environment Minister Nicolas Hulot via THIS LINK.

A keystone species within the ecosystem: the shark