African organizations for wildlife and the environment

Find here a list of African associations working for the protection of animal species, environment and populations. Do not hesitate to consult their web sites to to know more about it and to discover the opportunities of implication.

If you are an association or a foundation and if you wish to appear in this list, you can contact us to expose your initiative.

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Association refuge moholoholo centerMoholohoV

The Center of Rehabilitation of Flora and fauna Moholoholo was established in 1991. As possible, the center rehabilitates animals in their natural habitats. For those who are not lucky enough to be able to return to the wild, they allow to bring an educational aspect to the people who visit the center.

Website: http://www.moholoholo.co.za/home



Founded more than 30 years ago, CROW (Center for Rehabilitation of Wildlife) is a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center based in Durban, South Africa, in Yellowwood Park. CROW assists more than 3,000 orphaned, wounded, displaced, domesticated or abused animals every year. Baboons, vervet monkey, mongoose, birds, antelopes, reptiles, all animals are taken care of for a second life.

Website: http://crowkzn.co.za/


Association en Afrique pour protéger les gorilles GorillaGorilla

The GORILLA association was established in January, 1986, by Fabrice Martinez, after Diane FOSSEY’s murder. The association keeps the ethics of this great lady and participate as directly as possible for the protection of the gorilla and other great apes. It is an association with international, non-profit vocation (law 1901).

Website: http://www.gorilla.fr/


Association en Afrique help primateHelp CongoV

HELP Congo is an association of law 1901 created in 1990. The field of action of this organization is the protection of the primates,particularly chimpanzees and their habitats. It acts in the Republic of Congo, both by protecting the nature and by raising awareness of the people.

Website: http://www.help-primates.org/


Association pour les éléphants IEF

International Elephant Fundation (IEF)

IEF is a non-profit organization, established in 1998, dedicated to the preservation of the Elephants of Africa and Asia. Its purpose is to ensure a sustainable future for the elephants by giving a respectful cohesion between the populations and the animals in a long-term interaction.

Website: http://www.elephantconservation.org/


Association pour les éléphants David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT)

Established in 1977 by doctor Dame Daphne Sheldrick D.B.E, the DSWT claims a rich family history and is profoundly involved in the preservation of flora and fauna. The DSWT undertakes all the measures possible such as the anti-poaching, the protection of the natural environment, the improvement of the community consciousness, the veterinary assistance to animals in need, saving elephants, orphaned rhinos and other species.

Website: http://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org/


Association save the elephant

Save the Elephants

The organization acts in order to guarantee a future for elephants and to support the beauty and the ecological integrity of the places where they live. It aims in particular to promote the diversity of the world and develop a tolerant relationship between humans and elephants.

Website: http://savetheelephants.org/


Association de conservation en Afrique ColobusColobus ConservationV

Colobus conservation is an organization established in 1997 to promote the preservation and the protection of primates such as the monkey of colobus, nationally threatened, and its coastal forest habitat in the Southeast Kenya.

Website: http://www.colobusconservation.org/


Association Cetamada, d'Afrique, au Madagascar, pour les animaux marinsCetamadaV

It is in May, 2009 that a group passionate by marine mammals created the association CétaMada. This association has for objective the protection of marine mammals and their habitats thanks to study and awareness.

Website: http://cetamada.com/


Association pour les éléphants doli


The Doli association was create at the end of 2004 with the aim of intervening for the protection and the preservation of the elephants and the conservation of the wildlife in Africa. It is directed by Christian GIRAUD and its head office is located in France.

Website: http://www.doli.asso.fr/


Association Des elephants et des hommes

Des Éléphants et des Hommes

The non-governmental organization works since 2003 for the improvement of the coexistence between human being and elephant. Its program ” My Neighbor Elephant ” puts forward the importance of the education for the environment and for the preservation, while developing other actions, concrete and relevant, to make more harmonious the cohabitation with the elephants.

Website: http://www.deselephantsetdeshommes.org/

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