Articles : varied & complete informations

Here is a complete and varied list of articles telling informations related to the subjects of the animal and the environment protection in the world, the volunteering, the associations, the conservation of the populations or yet the united journeys.

Whales: we can’t forget about them !

A quick assessment One of the hugest animals known on earth, this giant able to gobble 40 metric tons of food – with a preference for crustaceans rather than hominids – suffers from a an ongoing, ruthless hunt which sadly doesn’t decrease. The whale, as the leader of the marine ecosystem, has a substantial responsibility. Indeed it holds sway in ...

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The French National Order of Veterinarians recommends prohibiting wild mammals in circuses

A stand the National Order of Veterinarians should take responsibility for In response to letters sent out by associations such as Paris Animaux Zoopolis and One Voice, Jacques Guérin, the president of the National Order of Veterinarians (Ordre National des Vétérinaires) has announced on the 6 June 2015 that the Order: “agrees with the [Federation of Veterinarians of Europe]’s recommendation ...

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Supertrees, these green lungs cleaning up urban air


Ecological innovations came out with the idea of plant-covered walls growing in our cities, cleaning the polluted air. The CityTree, a wall covered with moss, breathes as much as a little forest. In Singapour, visitors of the Gardens by the Bay can see gigantic supertrees covered with fern. In Peru, a cubic supertree fights against the urban pollution in the ...

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African big cats could be extinct soon


The animal kingdom is about to lose its king. The lion, incarnating strength and majesty, indeed, is endangered: Africa will have lost half of its lions until 2035 if nothing changes. Hunts, the decline of the savannah, Increasing scarcity of preys and conflicts with the local communities are the principal reasons for this decline. Exposed to the same threat, leopards ...

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Eco-friendly roads made out of 100% recycled plastic


The future of town planning is meant to be more ecological. We will soon drive on synthetical roads, built with our own recycled plastic waste. In this way, the project of a Dutch company VolkerWessels, PlasticRoad, expects to give a second life to plastic waste that contaminate our oceans which also means the end of roads made with asphalt, that ...

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Oceanic pollution : a seventh continent made of plastic


Invisible and innumerable, plastic wastes polluting oceans spread on such a extend that we are talking about a “seventh continent”. 8 million tons of plastic produced each year end up in the oceans. The plastic consumption is only increasing, as well as the waste production. The seventh continent is growing up every day. A new continent made of plastic wastes ...

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Justice : nature recognized as a legal personality


Nature, ecosystems or other environmental elements are now recognized as legal entities in many countries in the world. This status grants them the same rights as human beings. Pollution is then seen as a damage of the environment physical integrity. This movement in favor of nature began in Latin America, with principles such as the Buen vivir, or « live well », ...

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The cosmetics regulation : a step forward for the end of the animal testing


In 2013, the European Union was the first area in the world to ban the animal use in the tests for cosmetics with the Directive 2003/15/CE. This law, on hold since 2003, has been renewed on septembre 21st 2016 by the European Court of Justice. India, Israel, Norway, New Zealand, Turkey and the State of São Paulo also banned the use of animals ...

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Animal experiments : cruelty conducted legally

In the entire world, experimentations on animals are legal. Laws regulating it are more or less strict according to countries, but they gradually tend to agree on common principles such as the limitation of tests to scientific and medical fields, a more rigorous control of individuals, structures and projects using animals, and a willingness to reduce the use and the ...

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