Articles : varied & complete informations

Here is a complete and varied list of articles telling informations related to the subjects of the animal and the environment protection in the world, the volunteering, the associations, the conservation of the populations or yet the united journeys.

Paradise in danger: the deforestation of Madagascar

Since the beginning of the 20th century, half of the world’s forests have disappeared. The deforestation of Madagascar is one of the most worrying examples of the disappearance of tropical rainforests, and for a good reason: this island is a cradle of unique biodiversity. However, tens of thousands of hectors of forest are destroyed every year, and today, only 10 ...

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Dehydrated koalas, global warming’s victims


Due to hotter temperatures, the koalas population is rapidly declining. They suffer from severe dehydration because of heatwaves and the destruction of their natural habitat. This has never been seen for koalas. Heart-rending scenes are multiplying, showing weakened koalas forced to turn to humans. An Australian giving water through a hose to a koala in her garden A cyclist sharing ...

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Overfishing : an oceanic disaster


According to some scientists, if the overfishing keeps going at this rhythm, oceans will be empty by 2050. It seems unlikely, yet today, one fish species on three is threatened with extinction and still achieve to reproduce. We also estimate that 29% of the 600 species of fish in the world are on the way to totally disappear. And it ...

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The planet is crumbling under cigarette butts


The planet is crumbling under cigarette butts A number that speaks for itself : some 4 500 billions of cigarette butts end up in the nature every year. It means 137 000 stubs thrown away per second ! Which makes it the most common waste in the world. In the United States, they represent 1/3 of the total annual of ...

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The environmental impact of tobacco


The tobacco industry, harmful to the environment We all know the negative impacts of tobacco on the human health, but less on the environment. From a tobacco farms to its consumption as a cigarette, the carbon assessment is significant. It’s not the cigarette smoke which pollutes the most but the whole of the tobacco industry activities. The latter represents a ...

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The survival of bees at stake


« If bees disappeared, the humanity would have 4 more years to live ». Most of us have already heard this saying. It looks like an invisible threat but it weighs upon us. It tackles questions about the importance of this insect to maintain a weakened ecological balance. Reasons of the high bees mortality rate The bees mortality rate keeps ...

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Amphibians: The biggest extinction’s wave of our time


We wouldn’t believe it, and still… according to the IUCN, 23 928 out of the 82 954 studied species are endangered. Out of these 23 928 species, 13% are birds, 26% mammals and 42% amphibians! As you already guessed, those animals are the most endangered living group on our planet nowadays. Amphibians exist since approximately 300 million years, and yet, ...

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Travelling by plane: what is the ecological impact?


Since its democratisation in the 1960s, flying has become the fastest-growing means of transport, however it also causes the most pollution. Nevertheless, there are ways to become more aware of the ecological impact of travelling by plane and to compensate for our CO2 emissions by travelling more responsibly. As a reminder, the transport sector produces a quarter of France’s total ...

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The reality on circuses… in videos !


Even though animal trainers keep it well hidden and out of the public eye, all circus animals suffer on a daily basis. They suffer due to their living conditions, the beatings that they are subjected to, and the acts that they are made to perform. “A repetitive movement is caused when the animal cannot express their normal behaviour, so they ...

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