Articles : varied & complete informations

Here is a complete and varied list of articles telling informations related to the subjects of the animal and the environment protection in the world, the volunteering, the associations, the conservation of the populations or yet the united journeys.

Eco volunteering: how does it work ?


Eco volunteering is a volunteer field action from which the objective is to protect and to preserve species, environment and natural habitats. How to be a volunteer ? To become an eco-volonteer various initiatives are possible, by contacting associations directly or a compny that offers volunteer missions. Read more… How much is it to act as a volunteer ? Free ...

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Ecotourism : what does it mean ?

Ecotourism, what it means

What is Ecotourism ? It is a type of sustainable tourism, oriented on the discovery and the respect for the nature, which aims to raise travelers as well as local populations awareness of the need to protect the environment. It means, according to TIES, that those who participate in the activities of ecotourism should follow the these principles: . Minimize our ...

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