How to help an organization without being a volunteer?

Les bénéfices d'agir auprès des associations

Numerous organizations and foundations work in order to intervene for the protection of animals, the environment and the populations. By helping them, we participate actively as well. Being a volunteer is a very beneficial support for organizations, but how to act without this activity? Communication Communication is a very important approach to support associations and cause. It is moreover a fact in all ...

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Eco volunteer: cost of volunteering ?


Anticipate a budget to act as a volunteer, why ?  Free volunteering is a notion that no longer exists, or almost. We must, indeed, give a financial contribution when we wish to intervene as a volunteer in an association. This may seem paradoxical at first, but it is actually justified by those reasons: º The associations offer a bed and meals for the ...

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Daily help for the protection of wildlife and environment

Daily help for earth ecosystem

How to participate in our daily life to preserve the world biodiversity ? Here is a list of advices to allow each to understand better how to interveneand daily help for the natural habitats and the species conservation, at home, thanks to simple daily actions.   First of all, the most important thing is to be interested, not to suppose that it would ...

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Eco volunteering: how does it work ?


Eco volunteering is a volunteer field action from which the objective is to protect and to preserve species, environment and natural habitats. How to be a volunteer ? To become an eco-volonteer various initiatives are possible, by contacting associations directly or a compny that offers volunteer missions. Read more… How much is it to act as a volunteer ? Free ...

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Ecotourism : what does it mean ?

Ecotourism, what it means

What is Ecotourism ? It is a type of sustainable tourism, oriented on the discovery and the respect for the nature, which aims to raise travelers as well as local populations awareness of the need to protect the environment. It means, according to TIES, that those who participate in the activities of ecotourism should follow the these principles: . Minimize our ...

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