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Sea sand, new « souvenir » for tourists?

Sable Marin Souvenir-EVI

In August 2018, a British tourist was controlled at Cagliari airport in Sardinia with a bottle of sand from Gallura region in his luggage. This holidaymaker is not an isolated case as during summer 2017, nearly a ton of sand was seized at the same airport. At the rate of one bottle of sand per tourist at a frequency of ...

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The Scottish wildcat, a species preserved by the local organizations


The Scottish wildcat is one of the most threatened mammals in the world. Although its count can be tricky, the number of the so-called ‘pure origin’ wildcats that live in the nature is about a 100; 400 if those in captivity are counted. Having been present for 2 million years, it is not until the last 150 years that their ...

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Winning trio: Protected forests, biodiversity and alleviation of global warming

Protected rainforests alleviate global warming by reducing carbon dioxide emission. These forests are bastions of the biodiversity. In the tropical areas around the world, protected areas have been recognised in order to maintain the nature and the biodiversity from deforestation. They also help keeping lands for indigenous peoples who live there and the historical archaeological sites like Machu Picchu in ...

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A strawless summer in the Greek island Sikinos

On 1st June, the municipality of Sikinos is committed to ban plastic straws in its island and uses instead the biodegradable straws. This decision comes after the environmental programme ‘Sea Change’, created by the foundation A. C. Laskaridis. This partnership implemented on 20th May – European Maritime Day – aims at fighting against plastic pollution of the Mediterranean sea and ...

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Smocking experiments: Tobacco tested on animals for cigarette brands

tabac testé sur les animaux

Smocking experiments: tobacco is tested on animals For the majority of cigarette brands, tobacco is tested on animals. Cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, monkeys (…) endure tests even though they are not useful. Variables that exist between each species do not allow us to have constructive results. The law does not require these tests to be conducted because alternative ...

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Endangered Great Apes : bushmeat, ape trade, consequences


We are sharing 99,4 % of our genetic code with bonobos, a primate species. We have in common with the apes the capacity to create and use tools. We have also the ability to be self-aware. Nevertheless, the man is on the verge to kill these species. Illegal ‘bushmeat’ trade The expression ‘bushmeat” comes from the African culture. It is ...

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Dolphin slaughter: the hunt starts again in the Faroe Islands


Pilot whale slaughter in the Faroe Islands Every year, a tradition in the Faroe Islands involves a brutal slaughter of tens of cetaceans. Today the hunt begins again, and more than a hundred long-fined pilot whales are going to be killed in an actual bloodbath.   This tradition exists since hundreds of years ago, but while in the past it was ...

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Deforestation in Brazil


Deforestation in brazil Deforestation in the Amazonian forest which the main part is located in Brazil remains a complicated issue within environmental problems nowadays; there is a need to discuss all the different elements of this ecological problem. According a report from WWF published in June 2016 called Living Amazon Report, at least 31 ‘deforestation fronts’ represent now a danger ...

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Camera trapping

A haunted house? Strange noises that stop when you get there? Or maybe you’re wondering what is making that strange noise in the attic? Or what scary beast is roaming around your garden at night? What was it? A burglar looking for his next target? Maybe you have also wondered where the birds that are nesting on your property are? ...

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Our favorite animals will disappear

Does our fascination for some animals precipitate them towards extinction? In any case it does not save them according to the remarkable scientific study on ten emblematic animals of the world. Tigers, lions, elephants, giraffes, leopards, pandas, cheetah, polar bears, wolves and gorillas: all are threatened with disappearance and ironically the cause for most of them is hunting. They conquered ...

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