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Global Forest Watch: a tool to protect the world’s forests

Each year between 10 and 15 million hectares of forest disappear – an unbelievable yet very real figure! Despite the alarming figures concerning deforestation, many of us are slow to wake up to the problem. Global Forest Watch’s (GFW) interactive map aims to illustrate this abstract information and make people realise the reality of deforestation through images. The map on ...

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World Animal Day 2018

JMA-2018 EVI

A day dedicated to animals since 1931 In 1931, the World Animal Day was established during the international congress for animal’s protection in Florence, and this day was not randomly chosen. In fact, the 4th of October is also the Saint Francis of Assisi’s day: the founder of the Order of the Friars Minor who was considered an enthusiastic, passionate ...

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How to use a Camera Trap

Two previous articles (Photo trapping or Which camera trap should we choose?) brought up a really in fashion tool to observe nature, study it and manage biodiversity: photo trapping or ‘Camera Trap’! We alluded its characteristics and functioning. However, these devises are not magical. Knowing how they work, put them in nature and then looking at the pictures is normally ...

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