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Ban on the trade of the ivory and on the horn in France

º On April 30th, 2016, Minister Ségolène Royal participated in Nairobi, in Kenya, in the ceremony of destruction of ivory undertaken by the President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta. This initiative had for objective to fight against the poaching of the elephants, in cohesion with the States of Africa. Ségolène Royal then announced to undertake to forbid the trade of ivory in France, except exceptional dispensation, and to want to spread this measure in Europe.

Article L. 411-1 of the code of the environment establishes that:

When (…) The necessities of the conservation of the natural heritage justifies it (…) Are forbidden: the transport, the peddling, the use, the putting on sale, the sale or the purchase of alive or dead animals (…)

A project is then set up to end the trade of the ivory of elephant and the horn of rhinoceros. Unfortunately, the article L. 411-2 4 ° e) of the code establishes in particular that ” the dispensations Can be delivered to allow in strictly controlled conditions, in a selective way and in limited measure the detention of a number limited and specified by specimens. “. Dispensations are so planned to the Order, allowing the trade “of work of art ” dating of before 1975, what represents the main part of the ivory marketed in the French territory.

To maintain a commercial activity around the ivory and around the horn it is to maintain the demands on the market and it goes against the essential and urgent need to end the cycle of poaching.
º You will find the project of Order on the web site of the ministry, which you can share, download, and on whom you can post your comments. The consultation of the Order is available from June 09th till July 03rd, 2016. Take advantage of this opportunity to react directly with the ministry.

The more we shall be many to mobilize, the more we shall participate to end totally the trade of the ivory of elephant and the horns of rhinoceros. These species are strongly threatened and the poaching is a real plague against which the whole world has to fight. Several countries undertook to end this activity, let us show the example all together!

Follow this link to reach the Ministerial decree and send your comments.


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