Before the flood : a documentary about the climate with DiCaprio

Before the flood was directed by Fisher Stevens and co-produced by Leonardo Dicaprio, Brett Ratner, James Packer and Martin Scorsese. Before the Flood aims at bringing awareness about the climate change and was broadcasted freely on various streaming networks in 45 languages.

Leonardo DiCaprio, environmentalist actor

Leonardo DiCaprio is an activist for the protection of the planet for many years while being an actor. His encounter with Al Gore, the former vice-president of the USA and director of the documentary An Inconvenient Truth, has been a wake-up call for the actor to face the dramatic consequences of climate change. He then decided to become an ecological activist. In 1998, he founded his own foundation which its goal is to protect the last wild places in the world. The actor organised many auctions for organisations and made donations for various organisations. In 2003, he accepted to represent the watch brand Tag Heuer in return of paying half of his fee to various charity organisations and royalties for the organisations Natural Resource Defense Council and Green Gross International.

In 2007, he directed The 11th hour in which he already relates the consequences of global warming.

In 2014, he was designated by the Secretary-General Ban-Ki moon as « UN Messenger of Peace » for the climate.


Leonardo DiCaprio at the UN, 2014. Rights : Reuters

Global warming: it is real and it is time to act now!

It is in this context that the actor has travelled around the world for 2 years in order to see himself the terrible consequences of the global warming and to show them to us: ice melt, rising water, pollution, deforestation.

The aim is to make us understand that the climate change is real and is caused by the human activities. It will convince the climate skeptics who are still numerous. He does not hesitate to criticise the fossil fuel industries that control with an iron fist political authorities in order to protect their financial interests at the expense of the protection of the planet.

So, we are travelling around the world with this movie: Antarctica, Canada, Greenland, Indonesia, USA,… and shows authentic images and testimonies of the global warming. The actor also meets numerous researchers, activists, but also political and spiritual figures such as Barack Obama, John Kerry, Bill Clinton and the pope Francis.

The documentary tackles an alarming subject and often barely mentioned: climate migration. The climate disruption provokes a massive migration of some groups of population, especially to Western countries that are less impacted by the effects of the global warming. Long-term consequences will become disastrous in a such context.

It is important to educate ourselves in the causes and consequences of the climate change to counter the misinformation campaign that happen to protect economic interest of major industries in the world.

There are solutions and as this documentary shows it, global warming is not a completely irreversible phenomenon but we need to act now.

The only thing in our power is our present action, our way of living, our way of consuming, our involvement, our way of telling our elected leaders that we know the truth about climate change.” Leonardo DiCaprio.

Fisher Stevens and Leonardo Dicaprio have also emphasized detailing existing solutions like the renewable energies or the carbon tax.

As a UN Messenger of Peace, I have travelled all over the world for the last 2 years. I have seen cities like Beijing being choked by industrial pollution, boreal forests in Canada that have been clear-cut, rain forests in Indonesia that have been incinerated. In India, I have met farmers whose crops have been washed away by flooding. In America, I have seen sea level rise flooding the streets of Miami. In Greenland and in the Arctic, I was astonished to see that the ancient level are rapidly disappearing well ahead of scientific predictions. All that I have seen and learned on my journey, has absolutely terrified me. Now think about the shame that each one of us will carry when our children and grandchildren look back and realise that we had the means of stopping this devastation but simply lacked the political will to do so. Yes, we have achieved the Paris agreement. More countries have come together here to sign this agreement today that any other cause in the history of humankind and that is reason for hope. But unfortunately, the evidence shows us that it will be not enough. An upheaval change is required right now, one that leads to a new collective consciousness, a new evolution of the human race inspired and enabled by a sense of urgency from all of you […]

After 21 years of debates and conferences, it is time to declare no more talk, no more excuses, no more ten-year studies, no more allowing the fossil fuel companies to manipulate and dictate the science and policies that affect our future.” Leonardo DiCaprio.

This movie does not just want to give an ecological message but also a political message. It forms part in the context of the US elections: when the President of the USA is the billionaire D. Trump, more and more people are worried about the future of our planet. We have to act on a personal level to change our habits and decrease our ecological footprint but also support as much as we can actions that are implemented by plenty of groups and people to protect our Earth from the global warming.

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