Camera trapping

A haunted house? Strange noises that stop when you get there? Or maybe you’re wondering what is making that strange noise in the attic? Or what scary beast is roaming around your garden at night? What was it? A burglar looking for his next target? Maybe you have also wondered where the birds that are nesting on your property are? ...

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How to use a Camera Trap

Two previous articles (Photo trapping or Which camera trap should we choose?) brought up a really in fashion tool to observe nature, study it and manage biodiversity: photo trapping or ‘Camera Trap’! We alluded its characteristics and functioning. However, these devises are not magical. Knowing how they work, put them in nature and then looking at the pictures is normally ...

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What camera trap should you choose?

In my previous article, I introduced the topic of camera traps. These tools allow you to capture images of things that may be happening when you are not there. Whether at home, in your garden, in a forest, or as part of a scientific or conservation project, it is important to choose the right model. To help you, I have ...

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