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Christmas: animals overexploitation period

With the holidays season, it is all the agribusiness industry that sets in motion. Industrial have to respond to the overabundance of products from animal exploitation. If in average a French person, for example, throws 20% of food to the trash, during the holidays season, this figure goes up to 80%. Besides waste, the ethic question is still at heart ...

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Foie gras, a crual reality to understand and change

Holiday season is coming and like each year, the foie gras will be on the tables. Yet, behind this product registered on the French gastronomic and cultural heritage since 2006 is hidden the production mode extremely brutal that we need to talk about and accept to consider it. So what is really the foie gras conception process? A topic with ...

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Alternative Christmas: what if we consumed differently?

Noël alternatif

A few weeks away from Christmas Eve, the ecological question remains this year again as a major problematic. Endless waste source, almost 20% of waste will be produced during these holidays. While our trashcans suffer from indigestion, there are alternavtive solutions for a sustainable Christmas. Christmas an endless source of waste Despite the general excitment, the massive impact on the ...

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Environmental impact of chocolate, protected forests in Africa

Chocolate, that we happily enjoy during the holiday season, comes mainly from West Africa where it is the culprit for the deforestation catastrophic for the environment and biodiversity. Ivory Coast and Ghana are the main producers of cocoa in the world. In these countries, the cocoa industry wreak havoc by invading illegally tropical forest yet classified as protected. Ivory Coast ...

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