Eco volunteer

To be a volunteer: what does it mean?


Being a volunteer it is to act on the ground with the aim of protecting the species and the environment. The activity varies according to domains and associations within which you participate. That you work for wild animals, for nature or with the populations, it is necessary to take into account that the activity can be intense and/or physical. To ...

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Eco volunteer: cost of volunteering ?


Anticipate a budget to act as a volunteer, why ?  Free volunteering is a notion that no longer exists, or almost. We must, indeed, give a financial contribution when we wish to intervene as a volunteer in an association. This may seem paradoxical at first, but it is actually justified by those reasons: º The associations offer a bed and meals for the ...

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Eco volunteer : how to be a volunteer ?

how to volunteer

To help as an eco-volonteer it is necessary to follow a procedure according to the type and/or the location you wish to undertake. How to volunteer overseas ? To integrat ecovolunteering within your travel, you can undertake two types of initiatives: . You can directly get in contact with organizations by making researches according to the place and/or the area which interests ...

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