climat change

Winning trio: Protected forests, biodiversity and alleviation of global warming

Protected rainforests alleviate global warming by reducing carbon dioxide emission. These forests are bastions of the biodiversity. In the tropical areas around the world, protected areas have been recognised in order to maintain the nature and the biodiversity from deforestation. They also help keeping lands for indigenous peoples who live there and the historical archaeological sites like Machu Picchu in ...

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COP23: the role of autochthone nations in actions for climate finally acknowledged


This month, during COP23 was adopted the Platform of autochthones nations and local communities to improve the transfer of traditional knowledge, acknowledge autochthone nations and support their role as a leader in the fight against climate change. Autochthone nations and local communities are indeed the first concerned by the impacts of the climate disruption. They have knowledge and experience to ...

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Dehydrated koalas, global warming’s victims


Due to hotter temperatures, the koalas population is rapidly declining. They suffer from severe dehydration because of heatwaves and the destruction of their natural habitat. This has never been seen for koalas. Heart-rending scenes are multiplying, showing weakened koalas forced to turn to humans. An Australian giving water through a hose to a koala in her garden A cyclist sharing ...

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Travelling by plane: what is the ecological impact?


Since its democratisation in the 1960s, flying has become the fastest-growing means of transport, however it also causes the most pollution. Nevertheless, there are ways to become more aware of the ecological impact of travelling by plane and to compensate for our CO2 emissions by travelling more responsibly. As a reminder, the transport sector produces a quarter of France’s total ...

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Before the flood : a documentary about the climate with DiCaprio


Before the flood was directed by Fisher Stevens and co-produced by Leonardo Dicaprio, Brett Ratner, James Packer and Martin Scorsese. Before the Flood aims at bringing awareness about the climate change and was broadcasted freely on various streaming networks in 45 languages. Leonardo DiCaprio, environmentalist actor Leonardo DiCaprio is an activist for the protection of the planet for many years ...

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