Create a safe place for Asian elephants


Baan Wassanna

“Baan” meaning “House”, “Wassanna” being the elephant with whom everything began – Baan Wassanna is the project of a safe place for the elephants in Thailand. It is led to face the societies which exploit the elephants to feed on the mass tourism. It is a matter of building a place where the elephants will be treated well, where mahouts – people who take care of elephants – will be happy in their work and where the tourists would discover elephants in good conditions.

Many structures incite the tourists and the tour operators to boycott the camps where the elephants are over-exploited and carry nacelles. It’s good, but if these camps of elephants are not any more visited, the persons in charge will have no more the ways to be nourishing and to look correctly after their elephants, and it is hundreds of animals which will be even more mistreated …

It was thus necessary to find an alternative solution!

That is why came to us the idea to create a “camp” of elephants ” new generation ” in the same state of mind as what we are doing at present to Ganeshapark. A safe place where the elephants would be handled well, where mahouts would bloom in their work and where the tourists would meet the elephants in very good conditions. We intend to create a school of mahouts who would be trained in the soft method which we use at present with our elephants, so as to be able to place them in traditional camps which would intend to make the same thing as us.

The concept

In an immense park on river banks Kwai (close to Kanchanaburi), small groups of tourists will be welcomed the time of half-day to make them live this wonderful experience. After a good meal in the restaurant of the park, they will accompany mahouts to walk the elephants, feed them and bathe with them.

A system of volunteer service will be set up to help to the organization of the place. Finally, we would like to create a banana plantation to feed the elephants and a system of manufacturing of paper from excrements of elephants.

Help Baan Wassanna to be built

The Baan Wassanna project requires a considerable financing distributed so:

  • Elephants : Repurchase of an elephant domesticates to a camp : 29 955 € / elephant.
  • Land : 670 € / month
  • Vehicules : 19 925 €
  • Office :  2 675 €
  • 12 houses for mahouts and volunteers : 2 275 € / house
  • Restaurant, access, facilities : 5 350 €
  • Paper mill with excrements of the elephants : 1 337 €
  • Solar panels : 5 350 €

With the help of each, it is an environment safe, where the elephants will be handled well, and where the visitors can observe these species in the respect which can be born. To support this project financially, there are various modes of participation, with presents of thanking according to amounts. It is here:



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