Dory, is the blue tang fish going to be left to the sea ?

DoryThe new animation Pixar: Finding Dory is finaly out in our cinemas. This continuation to the famous “Finding Nemo “, appeared in 2003, is on the way to be an enormous success in the world. During the movie, we discover the sea world, whereas Dory, this very particular surgeonfish, tries to find her parents.

Unfortunately, as it happened for other species represented to the cinema, as the clownfiwh or the turtle (Ninja Turtles), the fear of an excessive fishing with commercial profit of this small blue fish is feared!

Victims of their success

º In 2003, came out to the cinema the animate movie “Finding Nemo”, which presented the adventures of a small fish-clown and of his dad traveling the ocean to find him back. A success which brought back about 937 million dollars of recipes worldwide, the second biggest success of Pixar behind Toy Story 3.

poisson-clownUnfortunately, the present real fish-clown was a victim of this success! Fished excessively to be placed and sold in aquariums, the demand of fishes-clowns had increased from 30 % to 40 % in pet shops in England and in the United States. Misfortune all the more, as this fish requires an environment of very specific life, that the individuals are not capable of supplying in reality.

Clownsfishes went out locally, in the Philippines, in certain regions of Thaîlandes, and in Sri Lanka, asserts Karen Burke da Silva, professor specialized in the biodiversity and the preservation of the species and the founder of Saving Nemo Conservation Fund, to the Washington Post.

º This sad observation makes be afraid for the future of the surgeonfish: Dory, symbolic of the movie “Finding Nemo “, is the favourite character of animation of the Internet users! A continuation is then dedicated to her: “Finding Dory “. The animate movie allow the discovery of animals and sea world and putthe characters within an institute of marine biology rather than a water park. Nevertheless, a scenario “devastates” is to be feared: the overfishing and the loss of a number saddening with some small blue fish.


The surgeonfish is already threatened by the illegal fishing, according to the ecologist Colum Brown, nevertheless it is necessary for the marine biodiversity because this one feeds on the cliffs of corals and so allows a regulation of the vegetation. Furthermore, the fishing of this blue fish is often made through the cyanide, which allows to stun the animal, except this product is very toxic for corals as well as for surroundings. Remove the fish of its natural housing environment affects not only its population but also the marine ecosystem.

Between 100 000 and 150 000 surgeonsfishes are imported every year in the United States to be sold in pet shops, according to the biologist Andy Rhyne. Thus imagine the effect that the new movie can have, although realized on good intentions, on the situation of the species!

Raise awareness

“Finding Dory ” realize the best starting up for an animate movie in the cinema, with more than 136 million dollars of recipe in a weekend in the United States. Together, we have to awaken the consciousnesses dice now to slow down the commercial craze around the surgeonfish:

º Do not buy the blue tang fish (or any other)

º Explain to your children why it is important to let the animal live in its own habitat

º Discuss about the subject around you to inform people

º Share the information on the internet


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