Eco volunteer: cost of volunteering ?

Anticipate a budget to act as a volunteer, why ? 

Free volunteering is a notion that no longer exists, or almost. We must, indeed, give a financial contribution when we wish to intervene as a volunteer in an association.

This may seem paradoxical at first, but it is actually justified by those reasons:

º The associations offer a bed and meals for the duration of your volunteering. You wont have to worry to add costs or to add this research in your approach. Caution, however, each organization has its own rules. Some, for example, offer three meals a day, some two meals, or some could leads you to the village’s accomodation, failing to possess a space on site.

º Associations are greatly in need of financial support to further their work, to purchase equipment or food, to pay a land, to pay employees… They live mainly, if not exclusively, thanks to donations. Automatically contribute to this as a volunteer has become common, it should not be seen as two separate things but consider that all of the investment is the volunteering act.

« What if I wish to help without possessing the financial resources ? »

We must not forget the first part of the explanation above all: keep in mind that in exchange, you will not have (or almost not) to worry about accommodation or food, something that would have been inevitable anyway. Still, sometimes it get’s really expensive, or even when it is fair, you don’t necessarily have the financial ressources.

So here are some advices:

º Do not hesitate to contact the associations to ask them any questions, they will answer you. 

º Keep in mind that small or young associations will tend to offer lower prices than others.

º Be a volunteer without working in contact with the animals: help an organization to communicate, to promote, to build.

º Help organizations around your location, like vets or refuges on your free time.

º Look at the jobs or internship options so that you could work without having to pay the volunteering price and even could get pay

How much cost a volunteer mission in average ?

The cost of volunteering missions is very random. It depends on the organizations, the length of the areas, of your way to approach it: directly from an association or indirectly from an agency.

Here is a price range:

º When go through the associations, they general offer rates between 100 to 500 euros per week.

º When you go through an agency, they usual offer rates between 650 to 1800 euros per week.

This estimate are large as it fully depend on the organization and the location. However, according to the agency used or the selected mission, you can get cheaper missions.

Keep in mind that this is an idea, it is not exhaustive, but it is similar to what you will find in general.


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