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Eco volunteer : how to be a volunteer ?

To help as an eco-volonteer it is necessary to follow a procedure according to the type and/or the location you wish to undertake.

How to volunteer overseas ?

To integrat ecovolunteering within your travel, you can undertake two types of initiatives:

. You can directly get in contact with organizations by making researches according to the place and/or the area which interests you. Associations all over the world possess a web site with the information relative to their work, to the possibilities of volunteering as well as to contact them. They will always be inclined to answer your questions and you will find them with search engines, with websites dedicated to the subject or yet with discussion forums.

+ The advantages of this approach: give a chance to all the existing associations in the world, obtain a multitude of interesting information thanks to your researches, get in contact directly with the members of the association and ask them all the questions that you wish, pay only the cost presented by the organization.

 The inconveniences of this approach: you have to make researches on your own that could be complicated sometimes in order to find the organizations similar to your interests and to determine their reliability.

. There are various society which organize volunteer missions from the beginning to the end, thanks to their partnerships with organizations in the world. By consulting the web site of these companies, you will be able to have an overview of the type of volunteering they offer, according to the region and/or the desired kind. They will indicate you then a “package” presenting the cost and what it includes. Soon, links towards these companies will be accessible on this section.

+ The advantages of this approach: this approach facilitates your researches, you only need to choose the volunteering mission that you wish to make among a whole proposed panel, the company takes then care of formalities and informs you about the formalities.

– The inconveniences of this approach: using an interface of management means having to pay management fees. Generally, the costs of the packages are pretty expensive (often more than 1000 euros a week) and it tends “to put off” the people who wish above all to be useful.


Reach a complete list of organizations which works for the protection of wildlife, the environment and the cultures around the world, including those who have a program to help them as a volunteer. Do not hesitate to contact us for any more detailed information, if you do not find the information that you look for on the web site.

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