Educate in schools

Children,adolescents,young adults are the future. To educate at this time about the world’s biodiversity is to allow them to grow up with values and knowledge in compliance with it.

Eco Volontaire International wishes to raise awareness of youth through various projects including education in schools and communities.

º If you wish your shool class(es) to participate or a child group do not hesitate to contact us at:


Educational day with a school in Bolivia


In 2015, EVI’s team went in Latin America to meet associations, bring them our support on site and create a contact allowing us, today, to promote their work. During this course, we joined the foundation Visozial, which acts for the education and the well being of local populations, with the aim of setting up an educational day with a school in ...

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Partnership with a primary school for an educative share

Primary school educative program

A primary school from France   The activities shared with the children   . First step for the children, in the heart of the project! Few days before the begining of EVI Latin America Project, we went to the school in order to meet the kids and to share it with them. With Patricia Sagnier and Isabelle Lafaye, we started a ...

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