Educational day with a school in Bolivia

In 2015, EVI’s team went in Latin America to meet associations, bring them our support on site and create a contact allowing us, today, to promote their work. During this course, we joined the foundation Visozial, which acts for the education and the well being of local populations, with the aim of setting up an educational day with a school in Bolivia.


An educational day

We went to Okala, a village situated in border from the Lake Titicaca to Bolivia, to take advantage of this location, close to the nature, to discuss the flora and fauna with young children within their school.


With the active participation of their professors, the pupils were able to read books, to learn around a world map, to understand their environment and to create drawings for the attention of the French primary school class with whom we had realized a correspondence.

ecole_bolivie_education  Enfant-bolivien

We discussed with the children about the animals that surround them, about their importance for the biodiversity and for them the same, about the way they can protect them on the long term, and also about their environment: in this region, the population live in real communion with the nature. Their medicines in particular, are essentially extracted from the plants which surround them and it was one of the subjects approached to explain the importance of the flora and thus, the necessity of protecting it.

Animaux-bolivie  nature-bolivie-evi

The conclusion of this educational day was very positive, ended with a session of drawings during which the pupils applied to reproduce animals and local nature, with the aim of offering them to the pupils of the primary school in France. They received as well the drawings realized by the young children of the school André Malraux for their attention.

Dessin-ecole-bolivie   Dessin-ecole-bolivie-

Participate with the children

Within the school of Okala, an educational program to make sensitive the children in the maintenance of the nature is already set up. This one working perfectly, it is with the positive look that we can envisage a beautiful taking of responsibility for these young in the future.

ecole_bolivie_education_02   Bolivienne

The volunteers wishing to work with them into their daily education are welcome. Both within this school as through diverse projects led by the foundation Visozial. Do not hesitate to ask them for info!

Enfants-ecole-bolivie-evi   Ecole-Bolivie-EVI

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