EVI integrate the collective CAP Loup for the wolf


12th november 2015, Eco Volontaire International becomes the 33rd association member of the collective CAP Loup !

Created in 2014, CAP Loup (Wolf) is a collective of associations of nature conservation gathered around a common objective: the protection of the wolf in France.

The collective is represented by 7 associations which act for the animal protection in France and in the world, with the support of numerous member organizations: ASPAS, FERUS, LPO, Milles traces, WWF, SFEPM.

ASPASFerusLPOMille traceslogo-WWFsfepm

As an organization acting for the animal and the environment protection in the world, we are proud and happy to take part in the actions of this beautiful collective.

It is important to gather to protect the wolf, which is an animal unfortunately and unfairly threatened in France. Reach the website of Cap Loup, and our social network pages CAP Loup and Eco Volontaire International.

Let’s remove the image of threat which we give to the wolf, from the games for our children, and let us restore it a more beautiful status, as he deserves it.


>> The wolf, an animal to protect