EVI - To protect wildlife around the world

EVI : Our Mission

EVI is a french non-profit organization created on December 21st, 2014 by Lisa Rispal. Its role is to intervene for the protection of the animal species and the environment in the world and to consolidate the link between humans and nature.



º Education : from kindergarten to high school, we send school leaders to inform young people, we bring classes on field, we set up informational items online, educational games, we offer pictures or gifts to children to keep them sensitive to what they have learned and create mappings between different schools in the world.

º Raise awarness : Through reports, articles, publications, exhibitions , we inform and communicate in order to raise awareness and mobilize people about the state of biodiversity in the world and about our role in preserving it.

º Mobilization : EVI is mobilizing to fight against the illegal trade of animals, against animal abuse and against the destruction of the environment. Through our publications, collaborations, our implications in the field, we strive to awaken the consciousness, to stop activities that threaten biodiversity and make a difference to the authorities concerned.

º Support : It is important to us to assist associations working worldwide in order to protect species or natural habitats, creating partnerships, relaying the work they undertake every day, informing and promoting eco-volunteering .

º Involvement : we support all the projects proposed by individuals, amateurs, enthusiasts, to help approaches and vocations.


Protect and preserve the wildlife worldwide, leading to a respectful coexistence between humans and nature.