EVI : Our Mission

EVI is a french non-profit organization created on December 21st, 2014 by Lisa Rispal. Its role is to intervene for the protection of the animal species and the environment in the world and to consolidate the link between humans and nature.


Our Mission

  • Raise awarness: Through reports, articles, videos, a creative magazine and exhibitions, we are educating and communicating with people in order to raise awareness of biodiversity in the world, and our role in preserving it.
  • Education: From nursery to secondary school, we are educating young people though school trips, educational games, meetings in class, and more.
  • Involvement: EVI is acting in order to fight against animal abuse and the destruction of the environment. Through our publications, partnerships and involvement we are striving to raise awareness, to put an end to activities which are threatening biodiversity and to inspire various governments to make a change.
  • Funding projects: Part of our funding is dedicated to the financial support of necessary operations throughout the world, which are implemented by different groups and partnerships.
  • Support for NGOs: We pride ourselves on helping other organisations working around the world to protect species or natural habitats, by raising funds, by reporting on the work that they’re undertaking, by educating, and by promoting eco-volunteering.

Our aim

To protect and preserve both animals and the environment around the world, and to ensure the respectful coexistence of humans and nature.