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lisa_rispal-eviLisa Rispal

Founder and treasurer

I am passionate for wildlife, for nature and for the discovery of the world and the cultures. After having studied photography with the wish to be a wildlife photographer, I have traveled around Europe and overseas. Those journeys guided me to new perspectives. I realized then, that my real wish was to actively protect what passionate me : the preservation of the biodiversity in the world.

johanna_rispalJohanna Rispal

Vice-president and secretary

It is towards the age of 17 years old that my love for animals took an active place in my life while I became member of several associations for their protection. I so fed the wish to bring my own help to the cause. Dreaming about a world where the people would be in adequacy with the nature and the beings with which we share this beautiful planet, I am proud to take part in the action of Eco Volontaire International. 




Allison DemaillyAllison_Demailly

Finally graduate and passionate nature since always, I wish now to devote myself to the causes that I care for. In a society where everything is going fast and where our daily-life concerns distance us from the damage caused to the planet, it is important to increase actions to inform and sensitize people to the world that surround us. Harmony is possible between man and nature. Just as each of us participate to it.

abderrahim-oughadouAbderrahim Oughadou

Because of my training, I am interested in animal behavior, evolution and applications of these subjects, particularly in the case of cancer. I am also interested in the history of the sea, and realized the interest of linking archeology and ecology. As an ecologist I realized that there is much talk of ecology but it remains a yet poorly funded and misunderstood field. I wish to share, to discover, reflect and exchange ideas on that. It is for this purpose that you find me here.

Floriane_photoFloriane Boyer

I have always been an avid reader of fantasy and science fiction. I like to explore new worlds, populated by heroes who save the world. And then, growing up, I understood that we already had a world to save, very real that one, and that we could all be heroes, in our way. I am proud to put my pen at the service of this noble cause that is the protection of our planet.

marjoriedelarichaudy-eviMarjorie de Larichaudy

I like the beauty of things inside and out, which are intimate: like the beautiful stories of love and courage in books or the beautiful memory buried in a photograph. But I soon realized that there was more beautiful to contemplate, outside, outside: the world. If my pen can tickle the consciences of a greater number, it is with a real pleasure that I will take it to support this admirable fight that is the protection of the environment and all the beings who live there.





Mélanie Terpreau

I have always felt concerned with the protection of wild animals , the environment and the human-nature cohesion worldwide . However, time is running out! That’s why I got involved as a volunteer and so devote my free time to make myself useful and make my responsibilities to the Earth : the habitat of all living things. Let’s give a chance to our future generations to live in harmony with nature ; do not forget we are part of nature. So for us to preserve it !

Loan-FagetLoan Faget

As a young engineer but passionate about traveling and discovering the world, I want to preserve the planet and commit myself to inform the public. For me, the protection of nature, fauna and flora is essential and natural for us, humans, who enjoy the planet at our ease. Having spent all the summers of my childhood in the countryside, between horses, cows, forests and fields as far as the eye can see, I hope that every child of future generations will have this chance. This commitment is for me, as natural as leaving my house clean and tidy before the holidays.

Illustrators - Designers

Illustrators - Designers


Johanna Rispaljohanna_rispal

It is towards the age of 17 years old that my love for animals took an active place in my life while I became member of several associations for their protection. I so fed the wish to bring my own help to the cause. Dreaming about a world where the people would be in adequacy with the nature and the beings with which we share this beautiful planet, I am proud to take part in the action of Eco Volontaire International

Léa-Issard-eviLéa Issard

Having grown up in Auvergne, I usually take the time to contemplate beautiful landscapes and appreciate the fauna and flora that compose them. It is natural for me to take part in the preservation and defense of this nature. Graphic artist and illustrator, I am delighted to be able to put my illustrations in the service of this beautiful cause by participating in the project of EVI.

Stephane-Lacoste-eviStéphane Lacoste

After studying business and working as a foreman in a printing house in Strasbourg, I change my life: planned move to Ain and arrival of a small family. Scandalized by the treatment of animals in our so-called evolved world, I now seek to integrate an NGO that fights against animal abuse, for the preservation of species, and even sustainable development in the broad sense.

Ana-Pailleau-eviAna Pailleau

A passionate traveler by nature, it was especially during my years of expatriation in countries such as India and Turkey that I became aware of both the respect of animals and the tragedies of environmental destruction. I have long put my love of writing and drawing in the service of schools; now, it is directly for the good cause that I handle my pencil!

Pauline-Le-Lann-eviPauline Le lann

I have always wanted to be part of a larger cause than myself that positively impacts and inspires people. I recognize animals’ right to life, as well as the right not to be exploited and killed prematurely. I sincerely believe in our duty to protect and respect them. My vision may seem utopian, but I deeply believe that each individual has the power to change things. For my part, I decided to act on my scale by offering my drawing skills to the services of EVI. I sincerely hope that the content of EVI will contribute to more awareness, positivity and love in this world.

Celine-Gautier-eviCéline Gautier

We are part of this world just like animals and we all live with the same generous nature. I am sensitive to the beauty of our planet and I want to love and protect its occupants whoever they are! I am therefore very happy to be able to contribute my sensitivity by writing for Eco Volunteer International.


Wishing to take action to preserve nature and animals, it is natural that I decided to get involved with EVI and I am very happy.

sophie-BSophie Brakha

“We recognizes the degree of civilization of a people in the way it treats its animals”. Gandhi was, like many others, an example for all of us. His compassion, his moral sense and his great wisdom towards all living beings is a good proof that the human is capable of it.

AF-eviAnne-Flore Carpin

Passionate since childhood by the fauna and flora of our planet, the animal cause, civilizations, animal and plant mutations over time and their problems; it is therefore natural that I have come close to many associations, organizations and initiatives committed to preserving and respecting our environment.


Softness and sensitivity to convince.


Designer, painter, sculptor, artist author. I use drawing for the animal cause since January 16, 2015, when Luz asked all “Charlie” to prove it and to express themselves.



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If you are passionate about wildlife, about the world and if you wish to participate in its preservation, join EVI’s team! Writing, reports, translations, communication, creation, design, meetings, documentaries, discover our possibilities for action and integrate the team as a permanent or as a ponctual volunteer!

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