Help Los Monos Selva y Vida to buy a land for the spider monkeys !

The foundation, the project, how to participate…

los monos selva y vida

The foundation

Los Monos Selva y Vida was created in 2007 by Véronique Grand and Yvan Bouvier, who arrived in Ecuadorian Amazonia in 2002. This animal rescue centre works to protect animals and the environment, as well as native Amazonian traditions.

It is situated on a hectare of primary forest and tries hard to offer the best living conditions possible for animals rescued from ill treatment when they cannot be rehabilitated. It cares for capuchins, chorongos, coatis, spider monkeys, parrots, tortoises and other reptiles.


According to the organization, deforestation is currently a big threat in Ecuador, and the government does not really worry about the difficult conditions for flora and fauna. Therefore, hunting is not regulated, the domestication of wild animals becomes more popular and natural habitats disappear. Nevertheless, Ecuadorian Amazonia is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world.

In 2005, Los Monos Selva Y Vida created its first refuge for animals, “El Paseo de los Monos”, and works every day to give better living conditions to rescued species. The centre offers each of us a chance to be amazed by coming to visit or participating as a volunteer. Its objective is also to raise awareness about the preservation of the environment.


The project

The founders of the group have a golden rule to which they attach a lot of importance and which they try hard to followleave no animals in cages.

It is with this philosophy in mind that they need our support today: the foundation wishes to buy 8,000 m² of land for its spider monkeys who are, for the moment, restricted to living in cages.

This project aims to restore a comfortable way of life to these primates that have had difficult lives. Furthermore, this land allows every species saved to take advantage of it and allows the areas to be protected. In addition, it sets a remarkable example to the country and to interested people.

Get involved

To participate and help the foundation finally buy the land, go now to their website to make a donation!


You can also help from here by making a donation to Eco Volontaire International and specifiying where you want your donation to go (for example “Donation for Los Monos”). Later, Eco Volontaire International will get in touch with the foundation and you will know what your help has achieved !

A huge thank you to all !