How to help an organization without being a volunteer?

Numerous organizations and foundations work in order to intervene for the protection of animals, the environment and the populations. By helping them, we participate actively as well. Being a volunteer is a very beneficial support for organizations, but how to act without this activity?


Aider les associations grâce à la communicationCommunication is a very important approach to support associations and cause. It is moreover a fact in all the domains, it is most of the time the key point of an action. We observe daily the influential impact of the media and the social networks. But the closeness also is to be taken into account, by discussing with his entourage we exchange the information and we raise awareness individually. While wondering and by understanding a fact one can really feel concerned.

Then how to use this aspect to help organizations and participate in the cause?

º Discuss aroundabout a structure which you appreciate, a subject which touches you, engage a reflection with your circle of acquaintances will have a positive impact.

º Share the information, brochures, articles published via media, Internet, the social networks. In the same way as by discussing around you, it will allow to increase positively the influence of an organization.

º Participate in events, exhibitions, festivals, conferences, demonstrations, world days. To be present during organized events allows to demonstrate his support and gives some strength to the organized actions.

º Be a volunteer, acting part-time, outside its working time, without financial compensation with an association or with a foundation. This activity allows you to participate in the work of a structure when you have spare time.

donOne of the fundamental points to be highlighted when it is a question of supporting a project and more generally an organization, is the one of the donation. It is necessary to know that most of the organizations live essentially, if it is not exclusively, thanks to the donations which they receive.

If you wish to intervene for a cause which means a lot to you and which fascinates you, do not underestimate the impact of this approach: it a personal action and every help has an influence. You should not consider that to give ‘little’ is not sufficient or that it is depreciating. On the contrary, act, whatever is the committed sum, it is to demonstrate an important support and it also is to offer an additional voice which will consolidate the approach of an organization.

Different possible ways to donate:

º Make a free donation: according to the organization, you have the choice to make a donation to support the approach in general.

º Make a regular donation: This solution guarantees the organizations a fixed ‘income’ which allows them to set up projects by taking into account the estimated minimum resources which they have.

º Become member: to subscribe officially to an association it is to make a commitment to offer a regular contribution, determined by each organization, but also to have the opportunity to join their general assemblies and to take part in their decisions.

º Sponsoring: this action consists in sponsoring, for example, an animal and so in following its evolution. Your donations will be dedicated, in this example, to this animal and will allow the association to reach the expenses that cost its protection (field, food, maintenance, medical care etc.).

º Other options are sometimes available as the leg, but this is quite a different domain. The donations, the legacies are reserved for the state-approved organizations, family associations, charitable, cultural, having for exclusive object the scientific or medical research and they imply notarial acts.


Les bénéfices d'agir auprès des associationsLet’s take a known example, that of ants: each of it is small, but it is their gathering in number which constitutes their strength and which allows them to build big things. This observation is valid for all the domains. Every approach which a person begins in the sense of a cause has a beneficial impact for this one because it is added to the others.

An organization which wins in support, wins in credibility, wins in influence and wins then again in support. This is the way they end in positive results.

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