International Save Bears Day on Saturday 17th February

For the second year in a row, there will be in Paris the International Save Bears Day organised by AVES France (A voice for endangered species) and the support of Animal Asia France on Saturday 17th February.

Get information about the bears and on the current situation of the different species

This day will be about (re)discovering the 8 species of bears living in our planet and shedding light on the dangers facing these species.

Here is the programme :

  • A lot of games and animations on ursidae that would please little ones and grown-ups.

  • AVES France and Animal Asia booths that take actions and raise awareness to public on a daily basis

  • Fake shows of tamer bears in order to criticize this practice that still exists.

  • A signing session with the illustrator Carole Xénard for her children’s book All about the bear… and the rest.

  • By reservation only, you can also attend a dinner followed by a conference- debate on the place of the bear and the wild species with the writer and naturalist Stephan Carbonnaux around various books about the European brown bear (restricted and paid entrance).

Find out more information on the programme on the official website International Save Bears Day and the Facebook page.

The event will happen from 10am to 6pm on the Place Igor Stravinsky in Paris. Animations are free for all.

Why get involved during the International Save Bears Day?

Be aware of the disappearance of bears around the world

Species of bears and pandas are endangered and everybody knows it. There are not the only species of bears set off the extinction. Among the 8 species of plantigrade, six of them are classified on the red list of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as endangered species. There are the polar bear, the giant bear, the bear with collar, the sloth bear, the sun bear and the spectacled bear. The American black bear is classified as a minor concern while the European brown bear is not considered as endangered worldwide. Nevertheless, it is set off the extinction in various countries like in France.

There are many reasons that impact the extinction of bear species. There are different according to the species and the geographic area. The main factors that explain the decline of bears in the world are: climate change, the loss and destruction of their habitats caused by the urban planning, from the deforestation linked to the palm oil industry and soy industry to the competition with the humans. Some species are also exploited by the humans. There is an increased world trade for the bears with collar bile on the pharmaceutical industry in Asia like we have discussed it on our article about the «bear bile farming» while the sloth bear has been used for a long time to perform on bear tamers.

Take actions on protecting bears around the world

This event is also the occasion for you to get involved in saving bears.

  • Donations.

There will be a fundraising. It will help fund actions implemented by AVES France and Animal Asia France.

  • Eco-friendly acts to adopt.

Stands and animations will bring you awareness to simple acts to adopt on a daily basis.

  • Take part to the campaign against the bear tamers.

This campaign shows this practice that still exists in France. L’événement met en lumière cette pratique qui persiste encore en France. On this website you can also report shows.

If you cannot go to this International Save Bears Day, feel free to visit the official website, the AVES France website and the Animal Asia France website on which you could find more information about the situation of bears in the world; you can make donations if you wish as well on these websites.