Interview: Los Monos Selva Y Vida, an association in Ecuador

los monos selva y vidaInterview realized with Véronique Grand and Yvan Bouvier. Founders of the association.

Can you present in a few words your association?

We are a Suisso – Ecuadorian foundation created in January, 2007 and specialized in the preservation of the animal species, the vegetation as well as the Amazonian cultures of Ecuador.
los monos

What brought to you to undertake this approach?

When we received the first animals stemming from the traffic, in 2005, there was no legal place in the province of Pastaza to whom people could entrust wild animals.

Can you present a project which was able to end in positive results ?

We do our utmost not to hold animals in cage. In order to animals live in a piece of forest, we built ten big parks. The smallest measuring 100 m2 and the biggest 900 m2, in this way, the animals grow up faster get back their instincts.

Would you care for share an experience which would not unfortunately have been positive and to explain us why?

We had 5 births of white Capuchin and only 2 survived; the others having been killed by the members of the group. Now we look for the way to avoid these misfortunes which occur when they live in the wilds or in semi freedom.

Have you a current project, for which you need a particular support?

We wish for no animal in cage. Reason why we built ten big parks in which animals live in a piece of forest. The smallest is for a coypu and measure 100 m2. The biggest is for a troop of woolly monkeys and measure 900 m2. We have unfortunately another 3 spider monkeys in cage and we wish to buy for them a ground of 8000 m2 so that they live in trees.

Some key figures to be shared us?

We take care at present of 112 animals. We received a help of 8000 USD of the Foundation Brigitte Bardot, 3000 of the 30 million friends; 2250 USD of “Primate network rescue”. We receive wild animals for ten years and we have a program of voluntary service for 9 years and to 2011 to this day, 517 volunteers participated in our adventure. The food of animals costs 1050 USD a month and the refuge requires 160 USD a day to work. Excepted the volunteers, the team is composed of an administrator, a biologist, two animal trainers and a cook.

Have you an advice to give to the people who would like to get involved for the protection of the biodiversity?

First of all, to be responsible and aware consequences that engender all that we make and what we eat.

How would you define the situation for the biodiversity in the world?

Knowing project of deforestation in Amazonia (from Brazil to Ecuador), the continents of plastic explosive, the radioactive oceans, I shall say that we go not towards the good weather. (It is an irony aiming at the warming).

Finally, if you had a watchword to be shared, which it would be?

Let us reduce at this moment the number of human beings on our planet or at least to reduce the population growth.

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Interview realized on January 16th, 2015.

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