Join us – Be a volunteer with EVI

To be a part of what we do, we are looking to to create a great volunteer team where everyone can act on his or her area(s) of choice: communications, writing, design, photography, journalism, art, translation … Look at the suggestions below or send us your ideas. Please see our conditions and how to contact us.

Volunteering opportunities

º Communication

  • Provide general communications and outreach: partnerships, sponsors, links with schools, groups, workers, press…
  • Inform others on projects created over the world by our volunteers
  • Be a representative of EVI during meetings or events
  • You can take part in editorial activities by writing and publishing informative articles
  • Update the website, social networks, media: relay news and events

We are looking for one or more people who will focus on communications in order to manage and create relationships, to devise concepts, to organize EVI events and recruit new members.

º Editorial/Writing

EVI needs one or more people that can write various articles to inform and raise awareness on topics such as:

  • Wildlife
  • The environment
  • Polution and its consequences
  • News/topics
  • Our descriptive sections on wildlife
  • Our educational games

Writing these items may extend to all types of information on a given subject (provocative, unusual, funny, topical, reminders, documents, facts etc.). We ask that volunteers do not communicate a negative way; whatever our views and positions are, we do not insult people. We relay information that interests us and we are passionate about, and which we believe will raise awareness. We respect everyone as much as we expect that people will respect us and our values.

The editor will use the website. It will include links to publications on social networks and can include printed materials, to schools, groups and individuals.

º Designer

For the association we are seeking a designer who will bring us their skills for:

  • Any external communication: posters, brochures, flyers, business cards, documents etc.
  •  The design of the new website or web media

º Drawings/Creativity

It is very important to us to raise awareness, especially in young people, of wildlife and the environment all over the world. To do this, we have set up sections of educational games and we want to create fields of education and eye-catching drawings on our website. These creations can be shared on social networks, any publications, documentation or exhibits.

Educational games:

Visit our website link to the educational games to have an idea.

The games can be made for children of any age, including adults.

Artistic creations, drawings/paintings:

Sensitive to art, we want to give voice to artists on topics concerning wildlife, the environment and links with the people of the world. Moreover, we believe that most people are receptive to visual communication and so this is an additional way to get people’s attention.

Drawings can have humorous connotations and be informative, educational or critical. We just require our volunteers to commit to the following: whatever our views and positions are, we do not insult people. We relay information that interests us and we are passionate about, and which we believe will raise awareness. We respect everyone as much as we expect that people will respect us.

º Photography /Film/ Journalism

We are looking for one or more people to cover writing, photography, film or interviews:

  • Meeting with people who work with wildlife or agriculture
  • Meeting with organizations or foundations from all over the world
  • Meeting with volunteers worldwide
  • Meeting with schools
  • Meeting with various types of groups or people to create topics for discussion
  • Report an event linked to animals or the environment
  • Creating documentaries

The work will be announced on our website and social networks. It may be circulated via the internet, flyers, press, exhibitions, etc.

Translator – English/French

The organization is French but we do act internationally. We have French volunteers participating in the creation of projects or articles. That is why having a translator would be very useful so that we can tackle new topics on both versions of our website and social networks.

For each position


To work with us, prior experience is not required but it is useful. Passion remains the most important thing.
We require a minimum commitment of six months (after establishing that the work pleases you and fits you) in order to undertake things together and keep the association alive and active. Afterwards we will continue working together as long as desired.
This is volunteer work
; your availabilities are adapted so that it suits you. What we ask for is regularity for the sake of the running and planning of our activities.
EVI acts positively for animal and environmental causes, so it is obviously necessary to be sensitive to these issues.
EVI was created in France, and works internationally; being familiar with French and English is an asset for working with our complete network. It is not a requirement, however. Speaking other languages ​​is a bonus.

Workplace and team

You will have the opportunity to work from home and we can communicate regularly via the Internet or phone.
We may occasionally organize meetings at our offices or in any other place according to possibilities.
You will be welcome to meet with all the members and work together as much as you wish.

What we give you back

The organization has little financial resources at the moment; we cannot cover the costs related to your activities with EVI (transport, food etc.).

Here is what EVI provides:

  • Experience in your activities or the discovery of new ones
  • References if needed for job searches
  • Working with passionate people, discovering and enriching yourself
  • The satisfaction of participating in animal and environmental causes
  • If we manage to grow enough to support the association and its members financially (it takes time) we will also be happy to hire you if our work together is positive

Contact us


– Introduce yourself
– Explain what motivates you
– Tell us which tasks you would like to work on
– Specify your availability
– If possible, send us a CV

Thank you!