Eco Volontaire International - To protect biodiversity around the world

Join us – Be a volunteer with EVI

Ways to participate

Are you interested in or passionate about wildlife, the environment and the world as a whole? Volunteer with Eco Volontaire International and help us protect these wonders. Volunteering with us means you can work on different types of projects/initiatives that vary according to your interests, your skills, your availability and your motivations. You can join the permanent team or work on specific projects, occasionally or continuously.

Activities (in each of them you can select a specific theme)

º Secratary: help us dealing with documentation, partnership, communication, projects….

º Reports from the field (photo/film/articles/interview)

º Writing informative articles

º Communication (connections, social networks, website, e-mailing, meetings, events…)

º Raising awareness/educating, meetings at schools or with children’ group

º Creatiion: games, drawing, movies…

º Work on international communication (English version of the website, social network, partnerships)

º Bring your own idea or project to us !

To be a volunteer


Introduce yourself briefly (name, age, occupation, adress), tell us about your interest and your motivation and

indicate which areas you would like to work in with us. We will reply to discuss details.

We can also be there to you, especially in the undertaking of a project related to animals or the environment. Contact us to find out more.

With a passionate team we can create beautiful things and achieve positive results for the preservation of animal species and the environment over the long term!

Thank you and welcome to our team !