June 3rd, 2018 – National Animal Rights Day

This Sunday June 3rd will be held in Paris and about thirty cities in the world the national animals rights day.

Launched by an association Our planet Theirs too in 2011, this day is the occasion to put in the spotlight on the billions of animals that are exploited each year in the world by men but mostly to show that another way is possible. A world in which men and animals would live in harmony without one being submissive to the other.

On the agenda

A commemoration ceremony will be held in tribute to these billion animals killed each year by human beings. If you wish to take part in this ceremony, you can join the facebook group of participants.

After this commemoration, information stands and discovery on veganism will be available as well as conferences and personalities speech.

To learn more on this manifestation held in your country, you can go on the event page of the association and for more information on actions in France, you can join the facebook page of the event.

You can also support the initiative by making a donation here.

A day against animals’ exploitation

Each year, billions of animals are killed for our alimentary consumption or for a tradition, to supply our wool jumpers and our hood in fur or yet test our meds and cleaning products.

Other millions are exploited to entertain us in circus, delphiniums or arenas and will be tourist attractions. Finally, others will be victims of poaching and hunting.

Yet, the studies showing the intelligence, the existence of consciousness and sensitivity of animals are now numerous.

In 2012, the Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness redacted by eminent scientists claims that despite the absence of neo cortex, animals have, as men, the neurologic supports of consciousness. The status of knowledge on consciousness of animals grows each year by forcing us more and more to wonder on our current relationships with these sensitive living beings.

This day is the occasion to learn more on veganism and open up on a new lifestyle that respects each living being.