Latin American organizations for wildlife and the environment

Find here a list of Latin American associations working for the protection of animal species, environment and populations. Do not hesitate to consult their web sites to know more about it and to discover the opportunities of implication.

If you are an association or a foundation and if you wish to appear in this list, you can contact me to expose your initiative.

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Association amérique latine Senda VerdeSenda Verde V

Senda Verde is an organization created by Vicky Ossio and Marcelo Levy in 2003. Located in the region of Yungas in Bolivia, it dedicates itself to the environmental education and to the care of the sick, mistreated or abandoned animals.

Website : http://www.sendaverde.com


Association Inti Wara Yassi

Inti Wara Yassi V

The Inti Wara Yassi community was established in 1992 by Juan Carlos Antezana. They work with more than 50 species, rescued from illegal traffic or ill-treatment. They have three refuges in Bolivia. For more than 20 years CIWY has cared for rescued wildlife, given disadvantaged youth a sense of purpose through involvement with wildlife care, and educated the Bolivian public to respect wildlife.

Website : http://www.intiwarayassi.org


Association Amérique latine aqua verdeAquaVerde

The Association Aquaverde was created in 2002 to support the action of Amazonian indigenous peoples in their efforts to protect primary rainforest still standing. They are working now with two indigenous peoples, the Surui in the state of Rondônia and the Munduruku in the state of Para in Brazil.

Website : http://www.aquaverde.org/


Association planete amazonePlanete Amazone

Planete Amazone is a non-governmental organization, under the law of 1901, whose aim is to provide support to indigenous peoples. More specifically, Planete Amazone focuses on helping the native peoples of the Amazon in their fight against deforestation.

Website : http://raoni.com/


Association amérique latine nordestaNordesta

Nordesta’s objective is to preserve tropical forests and to improve living conditions of isolated rural populations. Our two fields of activity are the environment and education.

Website : http://www.nordesta.org/


Association Brésil RuegaRegua

REGUA is a non-profit association with a mission to conserve the Atlantic Rainforest of the upper Guapiaçu river basin located within the Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. REGUA is comprised of local landowners and community members and was registered in 2001 under Brazilian law.

Website : http://www.regua.co.uk/


Association chili AMA torres del paineAMA Torres del Paine V

In November of 2004, the Agrupacion Medio Ambiental (AMA) Torres del Paine was formed with the objective to support and finance the investigation for the development of programs oriented to the environmental care and preservation.

Website : http://www.amatorresdelpaine.org/


Association amérique latine EntropikaEntropika V 

Entropika was established in 2007 and is based in Amacayacu National Park in the south of the Colombian Amazon. Entropika aims to contribute to the long-term conservation of tropical biodiversity by facilitating local community-led projects, establishing programmes of education and research, working closely with the local indigenous people.

Website : http://www.entropika.org/

Costa Rica

Association costa rica monkey parkMonkey Park fundation V 

Monkey Park is a non-profit foundation that has made itself available to the indigenous wildlife of Costa Rica in order to provide a safe and experienced environment for the local wildlife’s rehabilitation and release needs.

Website : http://monkeyparkfoundation.org/


Association Costa rica ASVOAssociation de Volontaires pour le Service dans les Aires Protégées (ASVO) V 

ASVO (Association of Volunteers for service in protected areas) has been active in conservation in national Parks, beaches and communities of Costa Rica, acting as a bridge between civil society and Costa Ricas natural areas. They are a non-governmental organization, allowing more and more people to get involved responsibly.

Website : http://www.asvocr.org/


Jaguar Rescue CenterJaguar Rescue Center V 

The Jaguar Rescue Center, located to Puerto Viejo in Costa Rica, is a non-profit organization, which works for the rescue and the rehabilitation of wild animals, in protected sectors.

Website : http://www.jaguarrescue.foundation/


Association Costa rica AsomipagAsomipag V 

Micro Business Association of Farm Producers’ Gandoca(Asomipag), was created in 2005 with the aim of face up problems related to food security in Gandocacommunity. This is located in southeastern Costa Rica. Driven by several women of the village, the association is now working in a close connection with and for the community.

Website : http://www.asomipag.com/


Association costa rica animal rescue centerCosta Rica Animal Rescue Center V 

The Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center has been dedicated to saving lives of animals in need for over ten years. Animals of all kinds arrive at our sanctuary having suffered unimaginable abuse, deforestation, abandonment, and disease– almost always due to human cruelty and carelessness.

Website : http://www.costaricaanimalrescuecenter.org/


Association Equateur MerazoniaMerazonia V 

Merazonia is a center of help and rehabilitation for animals in the border of Mera. It takes care of monkeys, kinkajous, feline, other mammals and wounded parrots or seize during diverse traffics. The center welcomes students and researchers coming from the international.

Website: http://www.merazonia.org


Association equateur los monos selva y vidaLos Monos Selva y Vida V 

The Los Monos Selva Y Vida foundation was created in 2007 by Veronique GRAND and Yvan BOUVIER. This center care for wild animals and is open to visitors. It is located on a hectare of primary forest and try hard to offer animals the best possible living conditions when they cannot be rehabilitated.

Website: http://www.losmonos.org


Association andean bear foundation

The Andean Bear Foundation’s mission is to secure a future for the Andean bear and sustain the beauty and ecological integrity of its natural habitat in Ecuador. Through research, education, reintroduction of rescued orphaned bears, and science-based advocacy, they are committed to work with local communities to help people and Andean bears live together without conflict.

Website: http://www.andeanbear.org/


Association Ecuador Eco volunteerEcuador Eco Volunteer V 

Ecuador Eco Volunteer is a Social Organization that has run volunteer work programs in Ecuador since 2007. When they first started, the vast majority of volunteer work programs in South America were very expensive and were leaded by European and US organizations.

Website: http://www.ecuadorecovolunteer.com


Association monde marin equilibrio azulEquilibrio Azul V 

The organization was created in 2004 in the light of the need urgent to obtain information to preserve the ecosystems of the Ecuador and the marine resources. It works with the public, the government and business sectors to produce functional solutions which participate in the preservation.

Website: http://www.equilibrioazul.org/


Association bosque cerro blancoBosque cerro blanco

Bosque Protector Cerro Blanco is a private reserve of tropical dry forest on the Ecuadorian coast. They work in order to protect and rehabilitate a part of the important tropical dry forests, to promote understanding, appreciation, and to provide enjoyment for the public.

Website: http://bosquecerroblanco.org/


Association botanique Jardin Botanico Las OrquideasJardin botanico las orquideas V 

The Botanical Garden is a private organization (family organization), responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating strategies, guidelines and actions to consolidate a culture of respect for the natural environment, contributing to the defense and protection of environment through scientific research for the amazonian flora and fauna.

Website: http://www.jardinbotanicolasorquideas.com/


Association Perou ikamaperouIkamaperu V 

Ikamaperu is a french association settled in Peruvian Amazonia since 1997 which dedicates itself to the preservation in situ of endangered species, and more particularly to the protection of the primates neotropical and of their housing environment.

Website: http://www.ikamaperu.org/


Association primates NeotropicalNeotropical Primate Conservation V 

Neotropical Primate Preservation (NPC) was established by Sam and Noga Shanee and Lizzie Cooke in 2007. It began as a non-profit organization and was attributed to the status of British charity work in August in 2009. NPC was create to promote the preservation of Neotropical forest housing environment and all the flora and fauna by average miscellaneous.

Website: http://www.neoprimate.org/


Association perou esperanza verdeEsperanza Verde V 

Esperanza Verde is a project of preservation under construction, in the Amazonian Pond of Peru. It consists both in the rescue of flora and fauna and in the protection of the rainforest. Their purpose is to work closely with the local community, by offering alternative sources of income, so that the forest can be managed in a long-lasting way.

Website: http://www.esperanzaverdeperu.com/


Association biodiversite amazonienneBiodiversité – amazonienne

Created in 2006, Amazonian Biodiversity is a French organization of law 1901. The concession Yanayacu Maquia constitutes a reservoir for the scientific research, a way of sustainable development for the inhabitants and a space to be protected.

Website: http://www.biodiversite-amazonienne.com/


Association Zero-DeforestationZero-Deforestation

Zero Deforestation is a community of solidarity for the restoration of the native lands by and for the conservation of primary forests in immediate danger of deforestation. Thanks to the received help, vast natural spaces are protected from an exaggerated exploitation. To date, Zero Deforestation protected by decree 307.242 hectares of primary forest in Amazonia.

Website: http://www.zero-deforestation.org/


Association environnement ArutamARUTAM

Arutam is a French association created on June 24th, 1992, member of ” Link for the Planet ” from 2006 till 2010. ” Accompany the native peoples which request us in the processes of integration and confrontation in the modernity, by valuing their traditions and know-how, while contributing to the conservation of the natural spaces. “

Website: http://arutam.free.fr/

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