Mayumbe project: to protect great apes and population in DRC

Engineers without Borders Québec (EWB) is a non-profit organization who is acting to improve life conditions within communities of developing countries thanks to sustainable engineering. This year 2017, EWB is launching 4 solidarity projects of which the Construction of an education and protection center for great apes in DRC, The Project Mayumbe! Lead by Vincent ROY, Maxime BOIVIN and Jean-Emmanuel POULIOT.

EVI a partner of the project Mayumbe

The project Mayumbe is a lovely initiative to protect primates in a region where they need absolutely need it. The equatorial forest covering DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) is considered to be the lung of Africa even though the Mayumbe forest has been reduced of 80% since 1950.

Despite the abundance of natural resources, the population does not even see the advantages because of illegal trade and corruption. Over 87% of the population of DRC lives under the poverty line. The Republic of Congo is 186th out of 187 countries according to the human developing index of the UN. Poaching in DRC has reached such a level that even in pristine forests there are no more mammals.

Given this situation, organizations took the initiative to involve the local community in preserving the surrounding nature: the P-WAC (Project for Wildlife and Apes Conservation) is an association based in DRC that works to protect chimpanzees that are victims of human activities. This EWB project was born through the collaboration with this organization.

Project Mayumbe : 4 action points

  • The hunting and the poaching are very wide-spread activities in DCR(Congo). The project plans then to build a center of care and rehabilitation for chimpanzees and other species of monkeys victims of these activities.
  • This center will be of use as educational place to jobs bound to the ecology and the preservation.
  • Houses will be built around the center to accommodate assets, and a point of access to the drinking water will be set up to serve the center and the inhabitants of the region.
  • Study for a future construction of a school to welcome hundred pupils of any age, in connection with the training center and the other infrastructures, with the aim of assuring the development of an environment-friendly local economy and offer new opportunities for the aimed community.

Help Mayumbe project to be built !

The Mayumbe project represents 43 690,77 euros of freshly distributed for the greater part for the construction of housing, private hospital and for the workforce. You can help to contribute to the project: every contribution matters.

0,67 € = 1 brick for walls

6,7 € = 1 sheet steel for the roof

13,5 € = 1 bag of cement

33,5 € = 1 door

67 € = 1 window

To donate Reach this PAGE.


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