Nepal ends the massacre of Gadhimai



The Gadhimai festival

Every 5 years, for 300 years, the Nepalese tradition makes the Gadhimai festival live, being to be one of the biggest movements of animal sacrifice to the world. It is in the effigy of the Goddess Gadhimai that the story takes shape, the pilgrims meeting in the temple Bariyabur, beat in its honor, to bring their offerings in the hope of a better life.

Every year giving rise to the custom, thousands of people get ready, crossing even the borders with bought animals, to go to the temple to sacrifice them by the beheading. In 2009, more 500.000 animals were considered killed during the festival.

A good new!

Finally, in 2014, the number of sacrifice decreased in approximately 200.000. It is in July, 2015, in particular thanks to the reaction of the activists of the whole world for the protection of the species, that a real victory announces in in front of the disastrous event of Gadhimai:

Since generations, the pilgrims sacrificed animals to the Goddess Gadhimai, in the hope of a better life. For every taken life, our heart is heavy. The time has come to transform an old tradition. The time has come to replace the murder and the violence with the peaceful cult and of celebration.

Represantive of the temple Gadhimai, Ram Chandra Shah.

With the support of supreme court of India, the representatives of the temple Gadhimai have made the decision to end the animal sacrifice during the festival. So, in 2019, no massacre will be to list. A victory which underlines Gauri Maulekhi, consultant of the Human Society International/Inde:

This is a great victory for the condolence, which will allow to save the life of uncountable animals. The HSI / India was broken-hearted to attend the bloodshed to Gadhimai and we worked hard to help to secure this ban on the sacrifice.

There is an important work to begin to make accept this decision which changes a tradition of several hundred years to the population. An initiative on the right track thanks to the collaboration between the protective associations of the animal cause and the local representatives.

EVI’s word

This initiative is an example which proves that we can make things change, even when they seem anchored in the habits of the peoples. Thanks to the reaction of each and thanks to the support brought by the assets of the protection of the animal life, positive decisions can succeed.

In 2014, hundreds of thousands of animals were tragically killed within two days. In 2019, this sacrifice which would have of to continue will come to an end and all these animals which were intended to live the ordeal, shall continue to breathe.

Let’s be interested in the world events and let’s support organizations all together to make things change.
As Gandhi said:

“We recognize the degree of civilization of a state by the way it handles its animals.”