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The wildlife and the environment against the wall

On the 25 of january 2016, the American president Donald Trump signed a decree in favor of the construction of a wall at the border between the USA and Mexico. It’s the first stage of his immigration reform plan. The American president wants to provide illegal immigration and put an end to the drug traffic coming from Mexico. His project ...

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A keystone species within the ecosystem: the shark

Misconceptions about the shark The shark is a natural essential predator in the sea ecosystem. It plays a useful part not only in the seas and the oceans but also on the Earth and the living beings including us, the human beings. The shark maintains the balance in the seabeds by killing injured fish, disease-carrying or carnivores. If it does ...

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Hong Kong says « stop » to the ivory trade !


On Wednesday January 31 2018, the Hong Kong deputies widely spoke in favor of the progressive ban on the sale of ivory in their country. Thus, a law forbidding the domestic ivory trade has been passed and will lead to the end of this trade in 2021 in Hong Kong. The introduction of this law is a historical moment, as ...

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Endocrine disruptors


A report of the General Inspection of Social Affair (IGAS) published on Friday February 2, highlights the positive, but limited results of the national method on endocrine disruptors established by France in 2014. The opportunity to come back on a 25 years old topic widely controversial. What is an endocrine disruptor ? The expression “endocrine disruptor” is invented in 1991 ...

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Trump’s offshore drilling plan


United States President, Donald Trump, keeps on worrying environment defenders. He first signed a decree about the building of a wall on the frontier of Mexico which threatens to unsettle the way of life of plenty of animals living nearby. After deciding to reopen wolves and bears hunt in Alaska in April 2017, he now wishes to rekindle hydrocarbon offshore ...

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Petra : Acts of torture on animals carrying tourists


The ancient town of Petra, Jordan’s jewel, is assisting shocking scenes experienced by the animals used to transport international tourists. The PETA association reveals that more than 1300 camels, horses, donkeys and mules are living a real ordeal in the desert, as shown below.   Petra, Jordan’s iconic touristic site, has been part of the Unesco world heritage sites since ...

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Trump signs a bill repealing ban on wolves and bears hunting in Alaska


It is impossible not to hear about the flagship reform from the Trump government as it caused uproar! In April 2017, the American President signed a new bill allowing the bears and wolves hunt on over 300.000 km² on protected areas in Alaska. What says the bill? The bill aims to give to each State natural predator management instead of ...

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Animal experimentations without animals are possible

The human being and the animal: 2 different biological models The origin of animal testing relies on the similarities between the human being and the animal. It is yet known that these tests are irrelevant and are dangerous according to various scientists like the Scientific Committee Pro Anima or Antidote Europe. A lot of products that have actually been tested on ...

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Organic edible plastic bags

A plastic bag cocktail to go with your meal? Imagine food bags and wrappings so natural that you could eat them without any danger for your health. They’re a reality from now on! Made in organic plastic, that’s to say with natural ingredients, these bags are incomparable to their processors stem from the petrochemistry industry. Not only are they biodegradable ...

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Whales: we can’t forget about them !

A quick assessment One of the hugest animals known on earth, this giant able to gobble 40 metric tons of food – with a preference for crustaceans rather than hominids – suffers from a an ongoing, ruthless hunt which sadly doesn’t decrease. The whale, as the leader of the marine ecosystem, has a substantial responsibility. Indeed it holds sway in ...

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