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Animal experimentations without animals are possible

The human being and the animal: 2 different biological models The origin of animal testing relies on the similarities between the human being and the animal. It is yet known that these tests are irrelevant and are dangerous according to various scientists like the Scientific Committee Pro Anima or Antidote Europe. A lot of products that have actually been tested on ...

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Organic edible plastic bags

A plastic bag cocktail to go with your meal? Imagine food bags and wrappings so natural that you could eat them without any danger for your health. They’re a reality from now on! Made in organic plastic, that’s to say with natural ingredients, these bags are incomparable to their processors stem from the petrochemistry industry. Not only are they biodegradable ...

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Whales: we can’t forget about them !

A quick assessment One of the hugest animals known on earth, this giant able to gobble 40 metric tons of food – with a preference for crustaceans rather than hominids – suffers from a an ongoing, ruthless hunt which sadly doesn’t decrease. The whale, as the leader of the marine ecosystem, has a substantial responsibility. Indeed it holds sway in ...

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Travelling by plane: what is the ecological impact?


Since its democratisation in the 1960s, flying has become the fastest-growing means of transport, however it also causes the most pollution. Nevertheless, there are ways to become more aware of the ecological impact of travelling by plane and to compensate for our CO2 emissions by travelling more responsibly. As a reminder, the transport sector produces a quarter of France’s total ...

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Mayumbe project: to protect great apes and population in DRC

Engineers without Borders Québec (EWB) is a non-profit organization who is acting to improve life conditions within communities of developing countries thanks to sustainable engineering. This year 2017, EWB is launching 4 solidarity projects of which the Construction of an education and protection center for great apes in DRC, The Project Mayumbe! Lead by Vincent ROY, Maxime BOIVIN and Jean-Emmanuel POULIOT. ...

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Create a safe place for Asian elephants


Baan Wassanna “Baan” meaning “House”, “Wassanna” being the elephant with whom everything began – Baan Wassanna is the project of a safe place for the elephants in Thailand. It is led to face the societies which exploit the elephants to feed on the mass tourism. It is a matter of building a place where the elephants will be treated well, where mahouts ...

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Paradise in danger: the deforestation of Madagascar

Since the beginning of the 20th century, half of the world’s forests have disappeared. The deforestation of Madagascar is one of the most worrying examples of the disappearance of tropical rainforests, and for a good reason: this island is a cradle of unique biodiversity. However, tens of thousands of hectors of forest are destroyed every year, and today, only 10 ...

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Towards the end of dolphins and orcas’ captivity: a decree and a nice surprise !


After several months of discussion between the associations, the French government, delphinariums and the National Natural History Museum, Segolene Royal (the French Minister of Environment) finally took a stand concerning cetaceans by signing an interministerial decree on Wednesday May 3rd.   Published this Saturday May 6th in the Journal Officiel, it replaces the 1981 law in order to propose new standards ...

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The reality on circuses… in videos !


Even though animal trainers keep it well hidden and out of the public eye, all circus animals suffer on a daily basis. They suffer due to their living conditions, the beatings that they are subjected to, and the acts that they are made to perform. “A repetitive movement is caused when the animal cannot express their normal behaviour, so they ...

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108 Footprints: a project for Asian elephants


It was in November 2016… Touched in the heart by the elephants from the Ganeshapark in Thailand, a couple of Belgians and a committee of volunteers united to create a big solidarity event: 108 footprints on Mother Earth for the evolutive Consciousness and future generations  (108 Empreintes sur la Terre-Mère au service de la Conscience évolutive et des générations futures). Their ...

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