Global Forest Watch: a tool to protect the world’s forests

Each year between 10 and 15 million hectares of forest disappear – an unbelievable yet very real figure! Despite the alarming figures concerning deforestation, many of us are slow to wake up to the problem. Global Forest Watch’s (GFW) interactive map aims to illustrate this abstract information and make people realise the reality of deforestation through images. The map on ...

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Animal experimentations without animals are possible

The human being and the animal: 2 different biological models The origin of animal testing relies on the similarities between the human being and the animal. It is yet known that these tests are irrelevant and are dangerous according to various scientists like the Scientific Committee Pro Anima or Antidote Europe. A lot of products that have actually been tested on ...

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The danger of plastic microbeads – let’s put an end to them


You’ve probably already seen these microbeads; they’re everywhere! Mainly used in the most common cosmetic products (including toothpaste, deodorant, exfoliants and cleansers) they can also make up to 10% of the content of cleaning products, textiles, special paper, and paints, and many others. However, do they really have a purpose? Their softening or exfoliating effects have not necessarily been proven; ...

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