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Global Forest Watch: a tool to protect the world’s forests

Each year between 10 and 15 million hectares of forest disappear – an unbelievable yet very real figure! Despite the alarming figures concerning deforestation, many of us are slow to wake up to the problem. Global Forest Watch’s (GFW) interactive map aims to illustrate this abstract information and make people realise the reality of deforestation through images. The map on ...

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World Animal Day 2018

JMA-2018 EVI

A day dedicated to animals since 1931 In 1931, the World Animal Day was established during the international congress for animal’s protection in Florence, and this day was not randomly chosen. In fact, the 4th of October is also the Saint Francis of Assisi’s day: the founder of the Order of the Friars Minor who was considered an enthusiastic, passionate ...

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International Animal Rights Conference 2018

International Animal Rights Conference in Luxembourg There will be the International Animal Rights Conference from the 6th to 9th September in Luxembourg (the 8th edition of the conference). It is an event for all ages, for the activists or people with an interest for the animal protection. This event, organised by advocates of animal rights, aims at suggesting real actions ...

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Sea sand, new « souvenir » for tourists?

Sable Marin Souvenir-EVI

In August 2018, a British tourist was controlled at Cagliari airport in Sardinia with a bottle of sand from Gallura region in his luggage. This holidaymaker is not an isolated case as during summer 2017, nearly a ton of sand was seized at the same airport. At the rate of one bottle of sand per tourist at a frequency of ...

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A strawless summer in the Greek island Sikinos

On 1st June, the municipality of Sikinos is committed to ban plastic straws in its island and uses instead the biodegradable straws. This decision comes after the environmental programme ‘Sea Change’, created by the foundation A. C. Laskaridis. This partnership implemented on 20th May – European Maritime Day – aims at fighting against plastic pollution of the Mediterranean sea and ...

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Dolphin slaughter: the hunt starts again in the Faroe Islands


Pilot whale slaughter in the Faroe Islands Every year, a tradition in the Faroe Islands involves a brutal slaughter of tens of cetaceans. Today the hunt begins again, and more than a hundred long-fined pilot whales are going to be killed in an actual bloodbath.   This tradition exists since hundreds of years ago, but while in the past it was ...

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The USA allows again the importation of hunting trophies

Credit GAO U.S Government Accountability Office

Another step backwards from the American government that favors the interests of hunters in spite of ethics and animals. The animals killed in Africa by American hunters will now be allowed back in the US as a (vulgar) trophy. On March 1st, 2018, the US Fish and Wildlife Service let people know that the importation of hunting trophies from six ...

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European public consultation on pollinators decline

The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Environment launched a public consultation on 11 January 2018 to collect European views on the decline of pollinators. The consultation, in the form of a multiple choice questionnaire, focuses on the role of pollinators, the causes and consequences of their decline and the solutions to implement. This consultation is open to all, individuals and professionals ...

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Sunday 18th March : Global Recycling Day

Sunday 18th March is the Global Recycling Day. It was created in 1994 in the USA and used to happen on 15th November. From now on, it will occur every 18th March. The Bureau of International Recycling has changed the date to celebrate its 70 years before asking the official acknowledgement to the United Nations. The French professional federation of ...

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International Save Bears Day on Saturday 17th February


For the second year in a row, there will be in Paris the International Save Bears Day organised by AVES France (A voice for endangered species) and the support of Animal Asia France on Saturday 17th February. Get information about the bears and on the current situation of the different species This day will be about (re)discovering the 8 species ...

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