Organization related to the EVI Latin America project

Organizations related to the project Eco Volunteer International in Latin America

During the project EVI Latin America, volunteering missions will be realized to support organizations. Chronicles, links and reports will be shared to evoke their needs and actions.


Senda VerdeSenda Verde

Senda Verde is an organization created by Vicky Ossio and Marcelo Levy in 2003. Located in the region of Yungas in Bolivia, it dedicates itself to the environmental education and to the care of the sick, mistreated or abandoned animals.

Website : http://www.sendaverde.com


CIWIInti Wara Yassi

The Inti Wara Yassi community was established in 1992 by Juan Carlos Antezana. They work with more than 50 species, rescued from illegal traffic or ill-treatment. They have three refuges in Bolivia.

Website : http://www.intiwarayassi.org


AMA torres del paineAMA Torres Del Paine

In November of 2004, the Agrupacion Medio Ambiental (AMA) Torres del Paine was formed with the objective to support and finance the investigation for the development of programs oriented to the environmental care and preservation.

Website : http://www.amatorresdelpaine.org/



Merazonia is a center of help and rehabilitation for animals in the border of Mera. It takes care of monkeys, kinkajous, feline, other mammals and wounded parrots or seize during diverse traffics. The center welcomes students and researchers coming from the international.

Website: http://www.merazonia.org


los monos selva y vidaLos Monos Selva y Vida

The Los Monos Selva Y Vida foundation was created in 2007 by Veronique GRAND and Yvan BOUVIER. This center care for wild animals and is open to visitors. It is located on a hectare of primary forest and try hard to offer animals the best possible living conditions when they cannot be rehabilitated.

Website: http://www.losmonos.org