Primary school educative program

Partnership with a primary school for an educative share

A primary school from France

For its first project, the association Eco Voluntaire International (Eco Volunteer International) will be in partnership with a primary school in France, and some of its children, from 7 to 9 years old, in order to share an educative experience.

Isabelle Lafaye with her 2nd year of primary school class and Patricia Sagnier with her 4th year of primary school class, will share the event to make the children aware of what surround them in the world as well as the wildlife, the environment and to the populations, thanks to educational games and to an enriching share of the journey in South America.

Their will also be a collaboration with a local school in Peru during EVI Latin America project, in order to begin a correspondence between the children of both countries.


The activities shared with the children


. First step for the children, in the heart of the project!

Few days before the begining of EVI Latin America Project, we went to the school in order to meet the kids and to share it with them.

With Patricia Sagnier and Isabelle Lafaye, we started a constructive exchange with the children, suring one hour for each classes.

– As the school class of Patricia Sagnier is composed by a little bit older children, we oriented the hour on a communication share: the kids, who had made researches in advance, asked many questions and thanks to this, we started a very interesting educative approach.

– As the school class of Isabelle Lafaye is composed by children from around 7 years old, we took the chance to let the kids draw, after the researches they made as well, so they could imaging better what animals and environment exists in Latin America and so that I could bring myself their draws to children in Peru.

This partnership and this first approach with the kids are a real pleasure to Eco Volontaire International (Eco Volunteer International). The children were very involved and happy to participate. The perspective of having the opportunity to share the world’s wealth with them is a sincere delight for us.