Photography apprentice

To be a naturalist or wildlife photographer is a passion that connects a human to its environment. It is an art that requires a lot of control, knowledge and patience. Photographers “caputre” precious moments of animal and plant life that everyone wins to observe then.

To support this passion and these passionate , Eco Volontaire International ( EVI ) is implementing a project for which professional photographers encounter amateurs through sharing and learning from nature photography.

The initiative

For this project, the association proposes to gather a group of participants led by an experienced photographer, within an appropriate pre-defined place for the photography of animals, plants and landscapes.

The location and duration of the project vary according to the different initiatives. It can occur in France and abroad and can last from 3 to 10 days. Consult participation announcements.

It is recommended to have its own photographic equipment.

Participation potential fees represents the housing, food and potential transport. They therefore depend on the project.

We recall that as an association, we do not receive any state support and that our financial resources are very limited. Participations are voluntary for both professionals and amateurs. Similarly, the initiative is not based on selling services but based on support and sharing a passion with the desire to provide strong and enriching experiences.


º If you are a photographer and that you wish to participate with a project as a “mentor”, please contact us:


º To participate as an apprentice, please consult the announcements below.

> Currently we work on the construction of a project in France.

When it will be effective an annoucement will be shown below, as well as on the Facebook page of the association.

Do not hesitate to consult it to get every new information.

Thank you !