The reality on circuses… in videos !

Even though animal trainers keep it well hidden and out of the public eye, all circus animals suffer on a daily basis. They suffer due to their living conditions, the beatings that they are subjected to, and the acts that they are made to perform.

A repetitive movement is caused when the animal cannot express their normal behaviour, so they do it partially, which then registers in their nervous system. It happens when they are going through a bad time, as a kind of bandage for the nervous system allowing them to get through the unbearable, or the complete void.”

This motor behaviour disrupts routine activities, or leads to self-mutilation, and this is what happens with the majority of circus animals, who are chained up for almost 95% of the time.

Below are some film extracts showing the reality of circuses.




Investigation in Zavatta Circus (French) by Codean

Lions from Paris circus by Codean


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