Senda Verde: Eco-tourism and animal protection

Association Amérique latine Senda Verde

Who are they ?

Senda-verdeSenda Verde was created in 2003 by Vicky Ossio and Marcelo Levy, originally with the aim of creating accommodations within the framework of the ecotourism, being situated near La Paz at the foot of ” the most dangerous road of the world ” which gathers numerous tourists.

Already involved in the raising awareness for the defense of the animals of the region of Yungas, it is in 2004 when the group is going to help a monkey Capuchin and two parrots, who will be the triggers of their investment for the cause.

Before the end of 2007, the Senda Verde established a link with the Bolivian organization SOS animal and it is from this moment that it received a bigger quantity of animals, stemming from the illegal traffic.

It is in 2008 that Senda Verde will be certified as a non-profit organization, approved by the Ministry of the Environment and by the government. Of this status, the association saw itself confided more and more animals, exceeding 350 in 2012 and by receiving from it since then, every month, sometimes every weeks.


Senda Verde’s mission

. Give care adequate to animals resulting from traffics illegal. Guarantee their well-being in conditions, in natural environment which allows the development of their physiological and physical capacities.

. Develop a zone of independent preservation considering its natural ecological magnificence; to supply possibilities of educational experiences which support the preservation of the region where we operate; while introducing new options into the adventure/ecotourism, the products and the services to Coroico.

. We work successfully with several communities, and our objective is to develop a company of ecotourism and sustainable adventure, everything to help you to discover a new appreciation of the nature and the wild animals in an experience which can change your life.


Support the Senda Verde

Senda Verde works on two axes: the ecotourism and the protection of endangered species. This implication requires a work and a consequent investment. That is why the association calls on to the support by allowing each to participate as volunteer or to bring a financial support.

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