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The situation

ivoireThe elephants are wonderful animals, soft and intelligent. Nevertheless, thousands of them are regularly killed and the animal species fades little by little, but very too fast, of our planet.

Why? For its ivory, which we find treated under various forms, manufacturing of objects, demonstration of wealth… It is this sad observation which removes the life of tens of thousand elephants every year.

The illegal trade of ivory, which had nevertheless been forbidden in 1989, has taken an alarming and almost uncontrollable scale. In 2011, the slaughter of these animals had reached the unfortunately record levels: 25.000 elephants would so have been killed, according to the report made during 16 ème conference of the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species).

According to the Declaration of the Co-chairmen of the Equal Parliamentary Assembly (APP) ACP-EU on the elephant hunting practised by the poachers in Africa: “The reports of CITIES underline that the current level of illegal slaughter is not bearable anymore and that the elephants are endangered fast on almost all the continent. (…) It is extremely urgent to take immediately effective measures to put an end to the poaching and to the illegal trade of the ivory.”

It is difficult to count the quantity of elephants present and disappeared in the world, for all that their decline is clear and tons of ivory sometimes seized by the authorities demonstrate unmistakably the mass slaughter of the species. A single obvious fact is to be now held: the situation is alarming, we lose a wonder of nature by going straight towards the extinction of the species. Thus it is without waiting that it is all together necessary to react to fight and stop this plague.


The measures taken

Recently, various measures were organized by several countries. We shall hold in particular the symbolic act realized by Nicolat Hulot accompanied with Minister for Ecology Philippe Martin of the direct destruction of a very big quantity of ivory and stemming products, on February 6th, 2014. Action repeated on April 30th, 2016 with Secretary Ségolène Royal in sides of the Kenyan president, Uhuru Kenyatta, after this one burned 15 tons of ivory on March 03rd, 2015.

He had then declared “the ivory and trophies taken from wild animals must be made unusable all around the world (…) What is made to protect the biodiversity is low with regard to the threats on our environment today. It is urgent to intensify the fight against crimes against nature.”

The IUCN (International Union for the Preservation of the Nature) follows closely the situation with countries the most concerned by the phenomenon in Africa and in Asia. In 2013 fourteen “urgent measures” had been taken during the summit realized in the Botswana to stop the massacre of the elephants of Africa. Measures are organized with the aim of dissuading the poachers, by weighing down in particular the punishments in the case of seizures.

Let us add to it the daily support of associations and foundations which participate outstandingly to fight against the poaching such as: International Elephant Fundation (IEF), WWF, International Funds for Animal Welfare (IFAW), The Asian Elephant Foundation, etc.


How to help?

We get fast distraught when we look at the information and let us read the distress which reaches the elephants of the world. How can we face this fast ascent of their slaughter?

Here are options which you can adopt:

What you must not do: To buy products made of ivory, to remain indifferent.

. Communicate: create echos. Speak about the subject around you, make sensitive your circle of acquaintances, help to make listen the situation.

. Educate: the children are the future. The education about the nature and the world is an important thing for the conservation of our ecosystem and the species, it is the children who will have the influence in the future years and the raising awareness is a process which requires of time.

. React and mobilize when events, petitions, publications are organized.

. Support organizations: if you cannot make big actions from your home, on the other hand you can help those who act on the spot having the resources to do it. A donation, a sponsoring, a sharing, a volunteering, every movement will bring them additional strengths to act!

EVI get involved

elephantTo help to protect the elephants in the world, you can also trust EVI.

Donate to the association by specifying what you wish to dedicate it (specify ” rescue elephants “), the association makes then a commitment to respect your wish and to send your donation specially for a project dedicated to the protection of the elephants.


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