test on animals

Smocking experiments: Tobacco tested on animals for cigarette brands

tabac testé sur les animaux

Smocking experiments: tobacco is tested on animals For the majority of cigarette brands, tobacco is tested on animals. Cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, monkeys (…) endure tests even though they are not useful. Variables that exist between each species do not allow us to have constructive results. The law does not require these tests to be conducted because alternative ...

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Animal experimentations without animals are possible

The human being and the animal: 2 different biological models The origin of animal testing relies on the similarities between the human being and the animal. It is yet known that these tests are irrelevant and are dangerous according to various scientists like the Scientific Committee Pro Anima or Antidote Europe. A lot of products that have actually been tested on ...

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The cosmetics regulation : a step forward for the end of the animal testing


In 2013, the European Union was the first area in the world to ban the animal use in the tests for cosmetics with the Directive 2003/15/CE. This law, on hold since 2003, has been renewed on septembre 21st 2016 by the European Court of Justice. India, Israel, Norway, New Zealand, Turkey and the State of São Paulo also banned the use of animals ...

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Animal experiments : cruelty conducted legally

In the entire world, experimentations on animals are legal. Laws regulating it are more or less strict according to countries, but they gradually tend to agree on common principles such as the limitation of tests to scientific and medical fields, a more rigorous control of individuals, structures and projects using animals, and a willingness to reduce the use and the ...

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Everything there is to know about animal experiments


This text, taken from the Cambridge Declaration on conscience on July 7th 2012, redacted and signed by leading researchers, attest that animals are sensitive and aware living beings. Despite this finding, animal experiments continue. On September 21st 2016, the European Justice Court rejected the argument of the European Federation of cosmetic ingredients. The EFCI was asking that products containing ingredients tested ...

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