Tiger World day 2016

Following the international summit of the Tiger held in November 2010 in Saint Petersburg, 13 countries welcoming uigrene population of wild tiger on their territory decided to mobilize and to create this day to raise awareness of the populations in the preservation of these endangered species.


The endangered tiger

As a matter of fact, for several years the future of the tiger is uncertain. His population quickly falls : 95 % decrease in century and disappearance of 3 subspecies of tigers. In cause, the poaching, the illegal trade and the disappearance of their housing environment in spite of a protection status.

Thanks to the commitment of the present countries in the international summit in 2010 to double the population of tiger before 2022, its decline seems to have stopped. Indeed, we list approximately 3 900 wild tigers for 3 200 in 2010. However, this figure remains alarming and the dangers which weigh on the species always threaten his survival on the long term.

Closure of the « Tiger  temple»


In June 2016, the famous « Temple of tigers » located near Bangkok in Thailand had finally been searched by the local police to put an end to their activity. This “temple” claimed during many years to get back tigers stemming from the illegal trade or from the ill-treatment, and to act in a purpose of preservation of the species. Thus, tourists and visitors came massively to be photographed beside these animals in captivity. Nevertheless, what decent structure aiming at the conservation and the well being of a species, would let this one be touched and photographed all day long?

Indeed, the ” temple of tigers ” was in reality, place of illegal trade. Then dozens of babies tigers had been found dead, during the decent of the police.

The work for the survival of the species is still long. Then, the discovery and the closure of the ” Temple of the tiger “, the fight against the illegal trade in Asia is only continuing. WWF released a statement, on this July 28th to require the closure of, according to the organization, approximately 200 farms distributed in China, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam which would hold approximately 8 000 tigers.

The closure of this kind of establishment, the fight against the exploitation of the tiger and the reintroduction of animals in adequate places require high financial means and general support. That is why, we have all a role to play in the protection of the species, right now.

Associations for the protection of tigers

Unfortunately, the tiger is a species threatened by the man for his fur, his body, his prestige. Chained in a temple, a circus, a farm or wherever, it is neither his place, nor his role. This sublime species deserves better, as others species. In order to protect this species, everybody can be useful:

  • Relieve the information and be upset together

  • Sign petitions, support the drafted letters

  • Make a donation to the associations which act on the ground surch as Ifaw or PlanèteTigre

Follow the documentations. Together let us mobilize to stop an aberration and give life to this wonderful species.


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