To be a volunteer: what does it mean?

Being a volunteer it is to act on the ground with the aim of protecting the species and the environment. The activity varies according to domains and associations within which you participate. That you work for wild animals, for nature or with the populations, it is necessary to take into account that the activity can be intense and/or physical. To be volunteer, most of the time, it will be necessary to pay expenses: more explanation about how and for which budget to be a volunteer through the links situated at the bottom of the page.


Why do we need eco-volunteers?

Unfortunately, worldwide, numerous species and natural areas are destroyed, due to the human impact. Illegal trade, excessive hunting, mass tourism, deforestation, industrialization etc. The lack of environmental consciousness brought people worried and creating organization to help the biodiversity. But these act on a voluntary base with few ressources and that is why they need you.

Work with animals

The task consists essentially in preparing the food, in cleaning enclosures and in bringing enrichment to animals. It can be also asked to participate in the construction, in the research activities or still surveillance.

Sometimes, animals are and have to remain very wild, in a purpose of rehabilitation, or in a purpose of keeping independence face to human. In this case, you will not be brought to be in direct contact with them, to touch them or to caress them and you will have to respect safety instructions and benevolence both for yourself and for them. Sometimes, animals are very close to the human being and in this case you will certainly have the right of getting amazing affection moments. However, never forget that volunteering is not made to have fun or “pose” with wild animals. You are there for them before any, to help them. The objective thus is to bring to them what they need, in precise schedules and the simple fact of improving their everyday life, even by far, is a real happiness.

If you are authorized to act with the veterinary service it is a possible post (generally as employee).


Work for the environment

If you wish to put a lot for the nature, you can act within National Parks, within associations of sustainable development etc.

The needs for conservation are many: sometimes you just have to go a few km away from your home to have an action to be begun! The oceans, the seas, the lakes and other streams, the forests and their surroundings are unfortunately too often lined with garbage: do not hesitate to participate in actions of trash collection.

The populations generally need to be guided to realize that the nature exists around them, where from the utility to build natural barriers, bulletin boards etc. It is an activity in which you can participate in particular in every type of region.

If you prefer to work the field, you can bring your support for the culture of food gardens for example, this task often allows to give responsibilities to people and to create a respectful cohesion between the human and the nature.

There are in particular activities of scientific research to be realized with expert guides who allow to study the vegetation of a place and to list it.

Finally, awareness-raising activities can be undertaken through various type of communication, with cities, citizens, young people, tourists etc.

The tasks are thus variable. Think about the type of activity in which you wish to participate and inquire in function.


Work with the population

All over the world, people live in complete cohesion with the nature. You can act as ecovolunteer within these populations to help them to maintain their environment and to protect it. You will find the same type of activities quoted previously.

In certain regions, the populations still need to understand their responsibility to the nature. You can participate then also in educational programs.

Numerous populations face very difficult situations because they live within the nature, in forests for example, and certain industries come to remove their natural housing environment with the aim of using it for commercial purposes. To help these people to find an on-the-spot living space and to fight against these companies is an activity less accessible on-the-spot but so useful, and it begins with our purchases.


More info

The volunteering thus allows you to act on the field for the nature conservation. Do not forget that the activities can be “physical” with rhythms and sometimes in difficult living conditions. Do not hesitate to contact associations to discuss it more in detail if needed.

If you wish to act at a distance, you can be volunteer for a numerous association (as among us), and to participate in awareness-raising activities.

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