VeggieWorld: the vegan exhibition not to miss!


Vegan : A notion which leaves some perplexed, a lifestyle which faces the lack of possibilities for others. Well it is the opportunity to discover everything, to understand everything and to reach numerous products of all kinds! Do not miss the event in Europe (all the dates at the end of article).

Veggie-World_ParisThe biggest vegan exhibition in Europe

The exhibition VeggieWorld started in 2011, in Germany (Wiesbaden) with 21 exhibitors. Rapidly growing, this gathering aims to “answer the needs of consumers”and”to make discover the vegan world a little more “. An initiative amply successful because today, the exhibition is present in 8 european cities (Utrecht, Hamburg, Paris, München, Zurich, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Rhein-hand) and gathers more and more exhibitors and partners.

More and more people choose the vegan lifestyle, or follow this mode regularly. Passionate eaters of meat give up the meat a few days a week, and even lovers of cheese try to buy it exclusively in a cheese dairy to be sure to support a craft production. An increasing majority of the population chosen some cosmetics not experimented on animals or ethical clothes, vegan. The motivations are often very different – but the result remains the same: all these people want high-end products, fair, diversified, creative and all that without killing of animals.

What do you find in the VeggieWorld exhibition?

VeggieWorld gathers numerous exhibitors, partners, associations and recognized foundations which support and which present their action. It is a great opportunity to get to know many organizations, to speak with the represantative to have more information about their work and to get to support it.

Some movie will be presented during the vegan event, with the presence of actors, movie makers that will explain their approach and with whom you will be able to speak.

Hundreds of foodstuffs will be to discover: plant cheese, meat alternatives, candies, complements, chocolate, biscuits, milk, etc. Without forgetting clothes, cosmetics and cookbooks! Numerous restaurants will in particular be there to cook for you during the event.

Thus the veganism will have finally no more secret or limit for you thanks to the exhibition: you will benefit of advice, you will know where to find products, you will learn to use them to give the best resources to your body, you will discover how to please you by eating vegan (because yes, it is more than possible!), all the tricks on the vegan lifestyle will be brought to you.



The dates in Europe

Hamburg : 12th to 13th march 2016

München : 30th april to may 1 st 2016

Zurich : 23rd to 25th september 2016

Düsseldorf : 28th au 30th october 2016

Berlin : 26th to 27th november 2016

Rhein-Main : 03rd to 04th march 2017


For more information, reach the website VeggieWorld or contact: contact@veggieworld.fr.

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