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Circuses have always existed, yet increasingly countries all over the world are realizing that the use of animals in this context is inappropriate. Bolivia, Greece, Austria, Costa Rica, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Hungary and Sweden have all dared to say that abuse is too real to be tolerated.

So then what are we waiting for?

The situation

The situation in circuses that use animals is no longer a secret. Many reports have shown that living conditions for animals are close to torture: unsuitable cages, malnutrition, exploitation, violence, overwork, etc. Workers themselves say that the only way to put on a show is to use fear.

On January 28, 2015, France’s National Assembly passed a law recognizing animals as “living beings endowed with sensitivity”. Why then are there still animals removed from their natural habitats and lashed by trainers for entertainment?


© Report: Animal Defenders International

Some, like Gilbert Edelstein, president of the Pinder Circus, will say that animals are the main attraction and that without them circuses would not exist. However, there are circuses doing very well without them, like the famous “Cirque du Soleil”. These same people will even say that it is good for animals, and that they are treated very well. Strangely, no circus has let us come backstage in good faith to show us.

Productions with animals remain a trusted form of entertainment and people seem to like the idea, especially for children. Obviously, for them there is a lot of curiosity and fun because they do not realize the context.

In truth, the message given to young people through these shows is the opposite of what they should seethey observe animals used as puppets and learn nothing about them. They do not understand what they are, where they come from or how they live. This image is at odds with reality.

When you take your seat at a circus and see a tiger jump through a fiery hoop, an elephant stand on its hind legs, or a monkey making funny faces on a bike, what you really see are wonderful wild animals removed from their natural environment, exploited, brutalized, abused and worn out. How can we marvel at this?

The word of EVI

I’m generalizing, but I sincerely believe that people can understand the cruelty that is inflicted on animals in circuses. What we need to do now is to accept the evidence, accept change, and take control of what we decide to tolerate in our country and for our children. We have a message for future generations and this should not be one of suffering and exploitation for simple entertainment. There are many other ways to make children smile about animals and it should not be that of hidden violence inside a tent. We can’t let these horrors happen in front of our eyes and laugh. Teach people otherwise, give animals back their lives and their freedom. Let’s end the suffering.


Lisa Rispal, founder of Eco Volontaire International.

How can you act?

Ours du Cirque

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º Above all, refuse to go to circuses that exploit animals. The less they receive approval, they more they will change.

º Communicate. Discuss influences, thoughts and actions; the more people speak out on the subject, the more importance it will get so that it is taken seriously by the authorities.

º Educate your children to understand what wild animals really are.

º Support these organizations: Code AnimalOne VoiceAnimal Defenders InternationalFondation Brigitte BardotPETAFondation droit animal, etc.

º Participate in local events.

º Sign petitions.

º You can also support Eco Volontaire International’s initiative by signing here.

Thank you for your help!

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