Volunteer work for the wolf in France

The cohabitation between the wolf and the pastoralism is not an easy issue in France. A myriad of breeders are complaining about the presence of the predator which attacks sometimes the cattles. We have discussed this issue and the reason we decided to defend its position with us in our article about the wolf.

As a quick reminder, the wolf has appeared in the 1930’s in a natural way but since then, it is an endless fight between the breeders and the animal. Nowadays, protection techniques of herds do not help coping with the predator. In this way, various options are used for avoiding attacks: thorough monitoring, dogs, dam installations, night shelters…

Unfortunately, a plentiful of breeders still prefer killing the wolf with a rifle instead of adapting to the situation. However, 71% of the French people are in favor to protect this species. The wolf brings a lot of valuable advantages for the natural functioning of the ecosystem. It is now time to change our behaviour in order to simply cohabitate all together.

Become a volunteer

The association FERUS takes actions for the preservation of wolf, lynx and the bear in France. With its experience, it proposes, during summer, volunteering programmes to allow everybody to come and get involved on the spot to protect these species.

Take actions for the wolf by getting involved in one of these programmes:

PastoraLoup : From 1st of May to mid-November

Length of the volunteering: 2 weeks or more.

Kind of activity : Helping on the surveillance of herd, emergency response ; pastoral management worksites.

The organisation will organise a traineeship :

Internship 1 : from 1st to 5th June.

Internship 2 : from 29th to 3rd July.

Find out more information HERE. (french)

“Parole de loup” : Awareness and Information Program.

Kind of activity : Meeting and discussing with the inhabitants and the tourists ; distribution of information leaflets.

Find out more information HERE. (french)


Do not hesitate to participate in one of these programs! Unfortunately, the confrontation between the wolf and the pastoralism is at a high level so it is time to help this species. Otherwise, do not forget that you can spread the word around you! This will still be helpful!