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Ways to participate with us

You are interested in, or passionate about wildlife, environment, the world as a whole? Volunteer with Eco Volontaire International and help us to protect these wonders. Volunteering with us means you can work on different types of actions, varying according to your interest, your skills, your availability and your motivations. You can integrate the permanent team or act on projects punctually.


º Reports on field : photography, video, interview

º Writing : informative articles, actuality, animal listings…

º Communication : connections, social networks, website, e-mailing, meeting, events…

º Raise awareness/educate : meet schools and children group

º Create : educational games, draws, short movies, animated

º Offer your own idea or project to us !

To be a volunteer

With a passionate team we can create beautiful things and achieve positive results for the preservation over the long term of animal species and the environment in the world! Everyone is very welcome to participate with us! We ask you to answer a few question so that we can start to know you and to see more precisely what work you could do.

Send us an e-mail to, answering the questions written in the following form:

Or fill the form here :

Volunteer with EVI

Volunteer with EVI

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Thank you and welcome in our team !



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Manuel Fillin

Manuel Fillin