Whales: we can’t forget about them !

A quick assessment

One of the hugest animals known on earth, this giant able to gobble 40 metric tons of food – with a preference for crustaceans rather than hominids – suffers from a an ongoing, ruthless hunt which sadly doesn’t decrease.

The whale, as the leader of the marine ecosystem, has a substantial responsibility. Indeed it holds sway in the ocean floor and insures the survival of other species. The consequences of its disappearance would be as a matter of fact disastrous. Moreover, how would be a world in which our children couldn’t witness the existence of such beautiful and particular creatures?

Although hunting whales has been partially banned after many debates, it remains a common practice in countries such as Japan, Norway and Iceland. Whales are used for the raw materials they contain (bones, oil, skin and baleen) which are sold for a high price on the market.

Efforts to keep up with

Until nowadays, several measures have been taken to enable those cetaceans to remain in the oceans’ depths. Humpback whales are currently not anymore on the list of endangered species, efforts have been profitable and encouraging. However, we ought to hold this course! The Blue Whale that can be found in the Atlantic Ocean is still on the list; they can reach up to 30 meters of length and weigh up to 70 metric tons. This cetacean’s heart is as big as a car and its tongue is as heavy as an elephant.

The situation can improve thanks to everyone’s deeds. Let’s continue or start a rush of support! Even though we don’t encounter whales in the subway on a daily basis, we can believe they would be grateful for our generosity.

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